Shinetsumo Sugewaro-Jutserai

Name: Jutserai "Sugewaro"
Familyname: Shinetsumo
Race: Human, Kozakuran
Age: 30 summers
Physical age: 40 summers
Origin: Kozakura, Kara-Tur
Hometown: Village near Dojyu, Shinkoku
Original Social Caste: Peasantry
Current Social Caste: Clergy
Religion: The Path of Enlightment
Religious School: Jodo-Kensho
Languages: Kozakuran, Shou, Koryo Draconic, Celestial, Common
Profession: Sohei - Warrior Monk

Body: welltoned, fit
Height: 1,70 m/5'6 ft.
Skincolour: fair, slight bronze
Haircolour: midnight black
Eyecolour: ebony

Background story (Summary)

Born as the first son of a farmer's family outside the walls of Dojyu, the capital city of Kozakura, he was taught to live the "simple" life of a Farmer. Farmers were seen as one of the lower caste, yet still above the forbidden, unworthy and exiled.

At the age of fifteen, the youngest one in his family - his little sister, and many other young children were kidnapped. Jutserai, his best friend Sugewaro and other elder sons of the families followed the kidnappers to free them. Only equipped with selfmade armors made of cloth, leather and wood, and farmer tools as weapons, they fought the kidnappers which were part of the Yakuza. Jutserai got seriously wounded, Sugewaro got him to a temple close to their village. Jutserai was aided and his wounds taken care off, for many months. After that he visited the temple every day.

At the age of eighteen, Sugewaro and Jutserai were forced to join the Imperial Army as Ashigaru-"Lightfoot Soldiers", or rather cannon fooder. Equipped with the basic armor and weapons, receiving basic training, just before they were sent into the battle against a Necromancer and his Army of Undead. Jutserai survived, but Sugewaro got killed in a moment of inattention. He transported his dead best friend on a cart to the temple where his wounds once were aided. Sugewaro was buried there. Jutserai took his dead friend's name as his second name to honor him, and uses his weapons. A kama, a bow, a wakizashi.
Blaming himself for the death of hist best friend, being cursed by the lifedraining echo of a wraith's touch, he seeked enlightment and help within the temple that had aided him so well. Soon he joined the monastery, the temple belonged to and became a monk.

Till the age of twentyfive, he remained at the temple, exercised, practised, studied and meditated, he became a Sohei - a Warrior Monk. After some time he decided it was about time to see more of the world around him.
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Character Theme:
Shogun 2 Total War - Bird of Time
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human