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If a single word was to be used to describe this individual, it was 'gruff'.

Even standing a little under six feet tall he was still an imposingly statuesque figure of leathered skin, solid muscle... and hair. If not for the fact it was attached to his head, that thick, windswept mane could well have been an entity all to itself - an entangled mass branches, a dense forest where no brush would ever dare to tread!.

His smell would be that of one rare to confine himself to the captivity of city walls. Fields and forests through to the hint of salty sea air may be caught by the senses if the breeze so chose to carry them. The leathered appearance of his skin indication of prolonged time exposed to the sun.

Often stood with a lazy and seemingly relaxed stance, it wasn't unusual for his only movement to be the occasional roll of his broad shoulders.

To any that get chance to know him, or at least see him in battle, then the apparent Jekyll and Hyde nature of this particular lycanthrope would become quickly apparent. A savage beast barely contained inside such an eloquent and controlled exterior.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human