Calen Blackthorne

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  Sinfar, the drifterworld, a dimension caught between numorous planes, an existential parasite unto itself, where laws of physics meet the laws of magic, they both clash and co-exist. The binding rules of all that is and all that will be do not apply to this singular dimension.
TL:DR; Nothing is as it appears to be.

Name - Calen Blackthorne
Gender - Male
Height - 5 foot
Hair - Black
Eyes - Deep Blue and Glowing
Skin - Fair
Perceived Age - 18 years
Actual Age - 1,300+ years
Tattoos/Peircings/Scars - None
Physical Build - Slender, Defined Muscularity


  Calen's life began many centuries ago in the land of Darkmist.  A farm boy raised in a strict, religious household.  With evil lurking in the wilderness, he was told to always stay close to town, venturing out only with his father and older siblings.  Calen was the youngest of three boys and elder only to a younger sister, who was closer to his age than his brothers and with whom he shared a close bond.

  Calen was always curious by nature, and that nature grew ever stronger as as he grew older.  He longed to see what lay beyond the forest edge, but the rumors and whispers of the evil that dwelled there, and the demands of his parents that kept him at bay.

  One fateful day, he was gathering wheat near at the edge of the field when he he heard a bloodcurdling scream.  He dropped his scythe and sprinted to where he last saw his sister playing, and found only her bonnet, and a a few drops of blood.

  For months, it was feared that his sister was dead, and what made matters worse was that he was always one to be blamed.  Calen's father, with his religious convictions, would not let it go to rest, and sent each of the eldest sons to their doom; into the woods to search for the missing girl and  never to return.

  When it came his turn, he wasted no time, and left before he was even asked, in the dead of the night to search for his beloved sister.  Armed with not but a lantern, and a religious textbook, he ventured deep into the woods.  There, he met with his fate, an ancient hag that for centuries, preyed  upon the youth of the village.  He did not approach her as his brothers did, with zeal, but rather, to plea with her for his sister's safe return, for it was a legend that the Witch would never kill the girls, but force them into her coven.  He pledged his life to her should his request be granted.

  The Witch was pleased at his request, but sneered at the audacity to bring a book of faith into her lair.  His request was granted, and his sister was set free.  She spared Calen's life, but at a price, he would be cursed from then on, by what, she did not say.  He returned home shortly after to the  horrific sight of his home engulfed in flames.  When the fire was quenched, he found only what remain of his family; his mother, and father's cynged bodies, and his beloved sister, tied to a stake and nothing but a charred skeleton.  His father's lifeless body clutched a burnt torch...

  Calen sought the help of the villagers, but they turned him away and left him forsaken, for his appearance had taken on an unnatural trait; a glow cast by his deep blue eyes.  He had no choice but to return to the Witch, leaving behind no trace of his existance besides a book of faith in the pile of ashes within what was left of his former home.


  Many centuries have passed since the fateful day that the Witch cursed him with unnaturally long life, and Calen has seen all those he knew fade to dust.  He has attempted, time and time again to start a new life, only to watch his family grow old and wither away while he remained in his youth.

  There eventually came a time when he had forsaken humanity as they had forsaken him and focused solely on the advancement of his magical skills, but with the curse having taken him so young, he would also be limited to the mentality of one barely into adulthood, and the maturity along with it. Thus he learned to write many things down and recall them through the textbooks when his limited memory failed him.

  It was only up until recently that he lived for many years alone, exiled to the swamps of Darkmist, with only him and his faithful cat, Nicodemus, to keep him company.  Now he has returned to the city of Sinifer out of pure loneliness, perhaps to start his life anew once again.


Reds: Toiletplay, anything against server rules.

Yellow: Good luck getting this one to submit to anything or anyone.

Greens: RP and find out!

This player is very RP oriented and is also friendly to tells.  Meta-gaming wary. Open to deep, emotional storylines and relationship development.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf