Sephie Bellerose

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  Persephone Bellerose, humbly known by her nickname of Sephie, stands at a height of barely five feet tall. Her hair is colored a bright platinum blonde, straight locks long enough to reach to the middle of her back. Eyeliner paints a dark frame about her beautiful golden-brown eyes, black wings extending out as a tip just past the corner of either side at her temple. She possesses a flawlessly clear and defined facial structure which hint to her distant elven heritage, her soft lips painted a lovely pale pink.

 While her body is small it has the appearance of a working woman; feminine features lightly toned with muscle in the appropriate places. Her breasts offer the distinct feminine curve yet she lacks any prominent bust, often pressed together by the tightness of her outfits. Her legs are lithe and toned, partnered with the gentle curve of her exercised rear. Her feet are small and petite, often painted when her footwear allowed them to be on display. She also wears a pendant dedicated to Mystra around her neck.

I don't like ..
- Rape, abuse, corruption
- Sex with animals, monsters, furries
- Ninja-stealth spying, or interrupting role-play with obnoxious behavior.
- Drama-Llamas and overly aggressive or antagonistic roleplay for the sake of trying to provoke PVP.
- Again, I don't like PVP.
- People bringing my dislikes into context my character has to witness.
- Making up logic/mechanics for godlike snowflakes.

No real interest in ..
- Dark or grim themes
- Petty or pointless drama

Appreciative of ..
- Lingerie, bikinis, thongs, butts, feet
- Cute and adorable, pretty things
- Interesting character backgrounds
- Relationships and romance
- Good-natured characters

Extra bits ..
- Black Desert Online!
- Pathfinder & Starfinder Society!
Player:You Point, I Punch
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human