Mahk Vie

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Preferences: Drow Faction Social RP

Her motto is "Music and Babies Forever!"

What would a drow nanny look like? What would a drow nanny be like? What if she was also a bard?

Mahk Vie is the lead nanny of House Gharr and is also the City Bard of the drow city of Oloth Lle'Isgar. She is capable of seemlessly weaving her passions together to bring harmony to the Noble House Nursery.

She loves taking care of children. She has a sharp eye for identifying the talents of every child in her care. At 350, she has seen everything a child can do to give their caretakers white hair.

Yet, she also loves her music. She is an accomplished singer, virtuoso with both violin and guitar, and noted songwriter. She is expert at all the forms of music such as classical, blues, country, rock, metal, folk, and more. She loves performing for audiences and will go on tour occassionally. She has enough status, she usually gets that permission from her Matron.

Reds: Anything banned by the server. God-moding, perma kill, pregnancy against her will, perma-maiming.

Greens: RP, dungeon crawling, males, concerts, bardic performances.
Player:Pro Victim
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf