Gabriel Carter

A rugged, tall figure stands before you, a cigarette hanging from one corner of his mouth, his jaw tight and set, his eyes hard and calculating.  The first thought that comes to mind when looking at him is 'gritty' - a thought accentuated by the generally rough and unkempt appearance of the man.

Standing near six and a half feet tall, the man is lean and rugged.  A build and complexion born from travelling on the roads.  He has a slight burr to his words - northerner, perhaps?  But his tan is darker.  Maybe closer to Waterdeep.  It may just be he's travelled all over, picking up things, bits and pieces from here and there.  A reflection only, of many things, but all mixed together and blurred.  His hair is black but shot through with silver in places.  His beard is more akin to stubble he's never gotten around to getting rid of.  Scars adorn his hands and forearms, and two mark one cheek and head into his beard.  Palms are callused - either from sword work or manual labour, it is not easy to tell.

He has an almost uneasy air about him, most of the time.  Akin to someone expecting at any moment for someone to come through a window or doorway that he'll have to defend himself against.  As a result, he is seldom found indoors, except in places he knows quite well.  Perhaps being familiar with the exits makes him more at ease - but never entirely.  One would think that if he has survived this long, it is because he hasn't made the same mistake twice...

::Reds and Greens are restrictive, really.  This character is, however, deigned around roleplay being the core of it, and as such, consequences of RP and the affects of things done to the character will always be followed through on.  It is impossible to demand the same in kind of everyone, but it would be very much appreciated if the same courtesy is shown!  Thanks for reading.
Player:Caine Aesarin
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human