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As far as Sinifer-caliber demons go, this one fills out the role of objectively feminine while being excessively strong-built. Her flesh is a purplish-pink hue, skin silky-smooth to perfection and in that unnaturally demonic fashion that begs people to touch her. The demoness' hair done up into thick gold-spun braids that softly glow from within, like the embers of a fire recently burned out. Her eyes behold a radiant glow, like molten pools of gold themselves.

Aside from the massive set of wings that sprout from her lower back, the lavender-hue demon bears a pair of massive horns that spire upwards and are capped with golden bands upon the tips. Honey-gold hooves that are polished and filed to a degree of otherworldly perfection click-clack as she walks upon her back-bent legs. Though the most noticeable demonic trait she possessed would be the massive claw-tipped hands that are big enough to wrap around a grown man's head with ease. Armor plated grafted into her flesh and capping her fingertips, making those massive mitts mildly menacing to the faint of heart.Two smaller sets of arms sprouting just beneath her primary arms, these limbs are flesh, with blunted claw-tips atop three-fingered hands.

Utterly gargantuan-tall and athletically muscled to a chiseled degree, her hard body is only made all the more feminine by the perky breasts that are just perfectly sized for her frame. Her hips flaring out in a more child-bearing fashion, complete with a firmly-rounded bubble-butt look. Thighs that are 'extra-thicc' and yet still muscled enough to make one easily imagine how the demoness could easily crush some poor fool's body between those powerful legs.

When she wears her armor in public. Midnight-blue steel, trimmed in purest gold and embossed with images of wicked skulls impaled upon a demonic-winged sword. Her attire leaves no room for imagination, the demoness exposing flesh where it was enticing and armored where it counted. A massive, regal sword adorning her hip at all times, if not other medieval implements of warfare such as maces, flails, or even the rare axe. An absolutely massive flintlock adorns her hip, crafted for such a demoness and stamped by some distant gunmaker's brand.

She carries an air of matronesque power and prestige. Like a general surveying troops, or a tactician appraising the battlefield about to be fought upon. Her demeanor is luring, sultry, but all at once like a teacher who could just as easily guide eager warriors to victory.

--IC Nonsense--

This character 'moonlights' as an instructor for warriors, mages, and most things in between. Helping new adventurers gain experience in the realm of various types of combat. Though for what price? It might be best discussed with her.

While her demonic nature is abundantly clear, her general aura is far less one of malice and one that provokes desire and lust. Whether that desire is carnal pleasures, stiff drinks, or conquest - she evokes a sense of passion of whatever a person yearns for at that moment.

Keyvra is also always all-female, unless magic is involved or otherwise stated~.

The towering demon is also a devoted flesh-crafter and transmuter. Her figure and form capable compacting down to a far more sociable size whilst her true glory is one that towers as a giantess. When unfettered by the bonds of magic she places upon herself, the air will be drenched in the scent frankincense - further evoking the general qualities of the demon. Her passion to experience it all, to be many -many- things at once, and at the same time master the realm of pleasure.

For those keen to it, there are old runes etched into the demon-skull motifs on her armor. The rune resembles a warping of the symbol of Mars, with a crescent hook on it's end and a crescent waning moon wrapped around it's base. The center of the base is a bright-pink dot. A stylish symbol of Slaanesh if ever there was one!

     OOC Disclaimer

Before you read any further. I'm private-message friendly and try to be on my best behavior when OOC. The realm of opening up your imagination, be it lewd or not, is a very vulnerable one and I am always striving to ensure everyone is comfortable when interacting in everything from in-character banter to extreme-tier smut. My most sincere apologies if I have ever upset anyone in any fashion while playing this character.

I adore all kinds of roleplay. Long-term is fantastic and while this character is definitely made for extreme kinks I trend towards building up towards such with at least some character interaction - rape just isn't really in the picture unless you blatantly request such in a private message where we can discuss such.

Reds: Excessive gore, children or child-like characters, and anything that belongs in a toilet. People who exclude others from roleplay because they're not fuck-material.

Yellows: None. It is do or do not, balls deep or pull out now~!

Greens: Anything not listed in Reds. Anything. Literally. Equal-opportunity orgasm enthusiast.

Whites: Flesh-crafting, flesh-merging, gender-bending, mind-breaking, soul-slurping. Body-horror, erotic horror, vore of all kinds and all things one might consider as "bad endings" for any adventurer. Sprinkling in some longer-term RP of taking on a student to warp and mold into her own pupil. For good or for ill. Finding out what your kinks are and exploring them to the fullest. Being a switch. Sometimes it's fun to have someone overpower her, sometimes it's fun to overpower!

*Warning*: This character is made with some darker and more extreme kinky explorations in mind. Erotic horror being chief among them. If you ever wanted to have your soul snacked on like it's a candy treat, or your flesh warped into utterly sexual perversions, then this is the demon for you!

Snuff -can- happen, it is *never* required, but one's character might very much end up a soul-drained husk or some flesh-warped perversion. Permanent death is always something you will have to request, otherwise it will never be done.

You've been warned.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human