Vic'gloth Driz'ril

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A shadowy figure moving in and out of the shadows. If his gaze does turn toward you and he pauses long enough to look, his uncaring gaze would sweep over you before he was gone again. Lurking among the dimly lit alleys and moonlit nights.

Name: Vic'gloth Driz'ril
Age: 147 years
Hair: Ivory
Eyes: Violet
Affiliations: ~

Silent, uncaring, and dangerous: words that are often associated with a certain breed of male drow. Vic'gloth was no different as his cold and silent gaze drifts over you and the area you might catch a glimpse of him in. The long shadowy hood always kept his face from view but under the right circumstances his violet eyes would shine from under the hood as he looks about. Moving with a graceful step he always moved with a purpose as he kept to himself. When still however, all movement ceased as he stood alert in a militaristic stance.

Those with enough knowledge of drow society would notice that the male wears no insignia or color denoting an affiliation to a house known to the region of Sinfar. However, when seen Vic'gloth is often garbed in clothing and armor fitting for a member of a high house. Upon his right hand he wore a ring, the dull ivory hue of bone is a stark contrast to his typically dark attire. Carved into the ring appears to be an upright skeletal hand holding a set of scales.

The Glorious Sons - Heavy
Demon Hunter - On My Side
Stone Sour - Song #3

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf