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A large Canine humanoid creature, well over six feet tall. Her form is covered in thick, near-black fur, a few gaps visible in the coat where scars and other blemishes have marred it. She has long claws and sharp teeth, all the signs of a born predator, and a shaggy-furred tail that sways behind her as she moves. She walks with a languid gait, rarely appearing hurried or troubled.

Her figure is tall and lean, muscled in the way of an endurance runner and bearing the marks of a life spent violently. She prefers practical attire, often wearing a variety of hard-wearing materials that seem assembled entirely for function with little thought to appearance. She's rarely seen without a thick fur shawl draped around her shoulders, and a variety of weapons hanging from her belt: hatchets, knives, and a pair of heavy-bladed rapiers too hefty for any practical fencing purposes.

She makes for striking sight without clothes, wholly unabashed by her appearance. Happy to be admired, showing off her generous breasts, lean musculature, and the large, sheathed canine cock between her thighs.

Hates: Gore, vore, scat, very poor English.

Loves: Topping. Women, dickgirls, occasional men. Rough sex, anal, oral, inflation, unwilling partners, breeding and risk of pregnancy. Slaves and servants.

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Player:Coin Tricks
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human