Revanous Grimslade

Name: Revanous Grimslade
Age: 42
Height: 6ft
Weight: 220
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black, with grey peppering it.
Skin: Tanned
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Scars: Plenty
Accent: Street Rat (Luskan, but stained from years of moving.)

                                                 {Appearance Clothed}

This plain, human male would stand at a towering 6ft nothing, his build would be defined as toned, and slender. There was really nothing remarkable about the man, that would make him stand out amongst beings crafted, and sculpted by the many denizens and gods, whom seem to watch over the individuals in this place.

Assuming one catches him with his hood down, his hair would seem to be roughly cut with a dagger, as if the grizzled ranger didn't know about barbers, or cared little. Black strands would be stained with just the right amount of grey, giving him that lovely, aged, peppered look. Much like his hair, his goatee would properly match. Hazel, cold, judgmental eyes would stare out from beneath those bangs more often than not. One would say he would've been gorgeous in his youth, but then there was that scar up the left side of his face, mostly hidden beneath the roughly cut goatee, aged, and mostly healed, looking as if he was mauled when he was younger, pulling that one corner of his lips into a permanent smirk. From here, one would see that his skin was tanned, creases around the corners of his eyes, and leathery, showing he's likely spent much, if not all time out doors. To top it all off, if one didn't catch him with a large, burning joint dangling from his bottom lip, he was probably having an off day.

Normally adorning this man's built shoulders, would be a long coat that seemed to be made of fine leathers, many pockets would be intermingled among the design. The odd tell tale glint of several dagger handles could be seen. Anyone touching the fine jacket, would be able to feel that it was tightly woven, and that a sort of wax had been worked into it over the years, making water run freely down it's surface, keeping him mostly dry.
Beneath such a jacket, was a fine crafted shirt, made of lace and silks, a wide belt connecting around the waist, more suited to that of a pirate, or some roguish charmer. The V neck would split apart enough to show the crest of muscles belonging to a younger man, that is if their gaze could not focus on the mass of scars that were evident. Most of the skin that was visible would seem to be marred, looking as if a heated blade was used to close most wounds.

Those pants would hug his figure moderately, offering some slack for comfort, but that tightness to allow no restrictions in his movements. Dangling with the many pouches around his waist, was two large maces, each seeming to be exquisitely made. Dagger handles would stick out of the tops of the worn, leather, muddy boots that adorned the male's figure.

                                                 {Appearance Unclothed}

One would say that the grizzled ranger's charming personality, couldn't do much to help him when unclothed before the set of eyes that would look at him. Starting from his shoulders down, would be a walking set of scars. Each would be hard to determine what weapon had caused it, but one could tell what had fixed it, for a heated blade would've melted and distorted the flesh beneath, leaving his body littered in scar tissue. His ribs would seem to be bulged out beneath that flesh, showing that they had been broken terribly, and never set to heal properly. Stubbornness would likely be the only reason they were still this way, it was hard to say.

His flesh would remain tanned all the way down to his waist line, in which it would indeed turn pale, since it wasn't often he walked around naked in the sun. Contrary to popular belief, that large, pierced, human girth, didn't take sunburns well.

Though there was many details to put here, some would be discovered through rp, but some descriptions on the tattoos would be given. Upon his back left shoulder, would be a crudely engraved wolf head, seeming much like a jail house tattoo. A blade used to cut the image into the flesh, and then dye soon rubbed in afterwards. This quality of a tattoo would also make up the eagle on his other shoulder, and the snake going up his ribs. A more exquisite piece of art would be upon the middle of his back, a set of golden scales, with what looked like drops of blood flowing out of the uplifted side, while the heavier side would be filled with gold coins.

On the back of each hand would be odd tattoos, likely making some shiver, and avoid the man all together. For on the back of that left hand would appear to be a circle with a skull within, tear like ovals would frame the skull, and as many would likely know, such was the symbol of the ancient lord of Murder, Bhaal. The other hand's tattoo would seem to have a slightly warmer tattoo, if one wanted to compare ice, to snow, being that of a double sided coin, held by a black glove. The symbol was that of Hoar.

Also, this character has extensive history from Faerun, and would likely be well known among any who had spent time within Calimshan, Luskan, Moonshae Isles, Arabel.

         (Lights are as follows)

Reds: Heavy Gore, Torture, scat, vomit, and server rules. Spammers, god moders, etc.

Yellows: Macho men, golden showers, heavy BDSM, and likely some more.

Greens:Traps/Crossdressers/Sissies/Shemales/Females, internal cumshots, external cumshots, copious amounts of cum, scent play, descriptive sounds. Description in general, piercings, branding, stretching, gaping, etc etc.

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human