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What you see before you is a well dressed, obviously agile and lean man. His sense of dress is sharp, but not in the manner that the nobility or the merchant classes would define it as such. Rather he dresses for the streets with somber colours and practical cuts to both leather armour and those less combatative outfits he is sometimes seen in.

His face then is somehow handsome, a quality that is disturbed perhaps by the old and almost fully healed scar that mars it. I appears to be the result of a single slash of a knife - clean and shallow however. So it is likely whoever inflicted the wound lost his or her chance to end this sharply dressed thugs life. For certainly, he must be a thug? Why else would he carry himself with such swagger and confidence, even pride at the attributes that define him as a man made in the streets?

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Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human