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A tall dark skinned man stands before you. A pleasant smile and deep voice are the first of many things that stand out about him. What else is there to know about him? Well that will require some investigation on your own part.

Name: Sha'kar Linosea
Race: Human
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"

Occupation: Mage and Artificer

Nelenwe Linosea- Magic and Enchantment
Drumlen Thrazur- Blacksmith and Mechanical

Sha'kar was blessed at a young age with an uncanny understanding of magic. Born into poverty he lived with his father on their farm until a fateful encounter with a Mage and her spell book changed their world forever.

At the request of his father that mage took Sha'kar with her to study as her apprentice. Traveling by her side the duo traveled the world opening Sha'kar's mind to the possbilities that lay beyond the gate of his father's farm. Looking back, he had his regrets but knowing that his father wanted something better for him kept his feet moving forward.

Years would pass as Sha'kar traveled with Nelenwe before he parted ways with his Master to study under another. His life growing up on a farm had hardened his body not only his mind. Even years later his desire to work with his hands as well as his mind set him apart from his Master's teachings. Entrusting his study to a fellow Master, Nelenwe introduced him to Drumlen. Drumlen was a dwarven mage whose skill with dwarven runic magic rivaled that of his skill with hammer and forge. Studying under Drumlen Sha'kar's true potential florished.

Combining elven magic, dwarven runic magic, and steel forged by his own hands Sha'kar found his true path as a Mage and an Artificer, a melder of magic and steel.

Items and Things of Note
o Glasses of True Seeing
Exactly as they sound, the simple glasses that Sha'Kar wears are not due to poor eyesight. A gift given to him by his Teacher, Nelenwe Linosea, these glasses were also something to remind him of his studies and travel. "To always see to the true nature of things and to strip away the lies hidden in plain sight."
((If my character is going to see something about yours that you do not have listed in your biography please by all means send me what he sees in a tell. Do not worry I'm not going to shout out what I see or sing it from the roof tops about what you are. Again as I've stated a few times here, I'm here to role play and have fun but not at your expense. A worried or curious glance given in the direction of a "beautiful maiden" or a "human" always adds to in character fun. ))

o Thrazur's Fist
The odd sight of a mage in armor has always caught the skeptical eye of those skilled in the arcane but this apparatus was something else entirely. At first glance when Sha'kar wears his adventuring gear his entire right arm is covered in the rune covered armor while the rest of his body was covered in leather and cloth. Slightly bulkier than average armored plate, the armor housed several small compartments in which Ska'kar could place small oddly glowing cubes. After discharging the spell housed in each cube he would quickly replace them before discharging another stored spell."
(( For those unfamiliar with Artificers they often store spells withing objects to discharge the spell at a later time. This is more for in character development and roleplay. The IC reasoning to his casting spells in Neverwinter, since Artificers in the offical release of Dungeons and Dragons did not come till some years after NWN's release.

OOC Disclameer:
((Yes I am one of "those", I'm sorry. As for what he looks like I suggest looking at his portrait and his model in game. I will however add a description to him when I have more time.

As for his history and background, you will need to walk up and talk with Sha'kar to find out. I am not a huge fan of lengthy biography descriptions for my characters. Does not mean I do not enjoy reading your bio however and there are some great writers here on the server.

I prefer to role play my character and for us find things out about one another through in character conversation, development, and progression.))

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