Quelthar Baen'Und

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((Above everything else I'm looking to meet friendly people (even if your character is not particularly friendly); humor is important so in most instances expect Quelthar to tease taunt and smirk over glowering and brooding. Do send a whisper if you have questions or simply to say hello and get my attention. :) ))

Drow, Male, Straight.
Dark charcoal skin and hair white as pure snow, keen crimson eyes survey those nearby. Taller than the average drow he is otherwise the spitting image of one; his body muscular although sharing the lanky elegance inherent to all elves. Only fingers and hands show signs of the cuts and nicks suffered through endless hours of swordplay and combat.
Quelthar's sense of dress suggests he has perhaps not the most sold grasp of the styles and fashions of the surface world, but with guidance he has gradually improved in this regard. He commonly favors a well-worn cloak to shield from the cooler climates and wind and rain, his trusty bastard sword most often held in a scabbard slung over his back under that cloak, the hilt protruding to be able to be drawn at a moment's notice.

When not in Sinifer he is often at work as a caravan guard, spending days and nights traveling alongside merchants. The tales told by these merchants while huddled around campfires during night time camps having provided a fair share of Quelthar's knowledge of the surface world over the years since he left the Underdark. Just don't ask him to tell any jokes - they're likely to be crude ones.
Back in Sinifer he often seeks his favorite indulgences - long soaking baths in one of the city's many bathhouses, to relax and unwind or to wash the grime of the road from his body. These baths frequently leave his skin smelling faintly mineral from the waters of the heated pools. Or more rarely when he can track down a willing, talented masseuse, a pleasurable massage.

Like most drow found on the surface he is reluctant to speak of his past, used to the mistrust commonly harbored for his kin.
The deeply ingrained distrust of others that had been honed to a razor's edge over more than century of life in the Underdark, is gradually being blunted by his new more relaxed life. Leaving him prone to a guarded disposition when meeting new people - though he has found that he at times enjoys playing into people's preconceived notions and biases to learn more about them.

Now with 100% more Quel-fanservice!

Loved; shorter females (5' or so), long hair, redheads, brunettes, dancers, priestesses (a complicated affair for Quelthar, but they never lost their allure for him), neatly trimmed patches of pubic hair, women with wings/horns/tails, women in lingerie, stockings or corsets (or gifting such delicacies), shared baths and massages, coyness/teasing, voyeurism, threesomes, biting and nibbling, earplay, vaginal, anal, oral, cumplay/excessive cum, deep penetration, cervical penetration, impregnation/pregnant partners, lactation, squirters, making/seeing her blush, power play, domination, submissives, non-consensual scenes/encounters (with appropriate planning - note that he isn't particularly rapey, so this would either being a result of someone truly going out of their way to antagonize him, or a well-founded suspicion on his part that she wants to be taken).
Exotic females (first and foremost fellow drow), demons/devils, tieflings, angels, kitsunes and so forth..

Maybes; gags (too fond of vocal partners to want to suppress pleasured moans or screams in most situations), excessively elaborate bondage (prefer an impromptu feel, using whatever is at hand for bonds/blindfolds over elaborate contraptions), shemale/herm characters (mostly holds appeal in the context of a threesome with another female), moresomes (too many people and it starts to distract from the experience).

Scat, vomit, overly abusive (rough play and domination is fine; but it loses appeal when it crosses into the realm of straight up torture/abuse), bimbo characters, unintelligent characters (naive, overly trusting or the like is fine - utterly vacant not so much), anthro/furry partners (generally creatures covered in fur and with full animal heads), other things that don't presently come to mind.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf