Daeris Snowfire

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   Daeris is appears young for an elf, though placing an exact age upon her would be a feat.  Her body appears like an elfen maiden's just ripening into bloom, but her presence speaks of centuries of knowledge.  A glance would indicate the woman takes exquisite care of herself.  Her skin is soft and silken either from magical or alchemical means.  Her hair has been treated similarly: the slightly chaotic tresses slide slicker then silk along fingers that touch it.  Despite the obvious care taken to her skin, she lacked any form of make-up or nail polish other than brightly colored lipstick.

  The oval of her face lends no doubt of her elfin origins.  Her thick, shoulder-blade length hair is flaming red; and proudly thrusting out of her lusciously thick tresses are two long knife-point ears.  Her well manicured eyebrows are the same flame-red as her hair.  The feature that probably draws the most attention up close, however, is her eyes.  The almond-shaped orbs have faint eye-lashes also the color of flame, but the dark pools are near endless.  Filling the entire almond shape, midnight blue-black eyes stare intelligently about her.  With no visible pupil or sclera, it was hard to tell where she was looking, though the weight of her gaze could be felt.  Her cheekbones were delicate, and her nose subtly suiting her features.  Her teeth were pristine white when seen, but were typically hidden by her full, cupid-bow lips.  She typically kept them painted a red similar to her hair.  Her face bottomed out with a delicately pointed chin and a swan-like neck.

  Her willowy frame was sheathed in skin that could favorably be compared to morning mist, or evening snow.  Her shoulders were feminine and delicate, with a well defined clavicle.  Her arms had some definition to them, biceps faintly toned but possessing no harsh angles.  Her hands are soft and delicate, and her slender fingers possessing the typical dexterity of her race.  Her back is smooth and her shoulder-blades are well defined, and a dimple runs along her spine.  Her stomach is flat and like her arms have just the faintest hint of toning to them.  Her navel is oval and slender, and often decorated with a gem.  Nestled upon her slender torso, her breasts were perky and nubile.  While perhaps slightly larger then average for an elf, they still only would fill one hand.   Her small nipples were surrounded by tight areola, the skin there a dusky blue-grey.  Her slender legs are long and toned with willowy hips and well turned calves.  Her feet are delicate and agile with petite but shapely toes.  Her ass may draw the eyes, her cheeks supple and heart-shaped, but just tight enough to only sharply bounce with the sashay of her hips.  Soft and full labia snugly hide the dusky grey-blue flesh of her elfin sex.

  The scent lingering about her is a mixture of orchid, amber, and citrus.  The fact this scent grows muskier and deeper when she is aroused or excited would indicate this is somehow natural.  Her sexual fluids also have a citrus taste to them.  Probably playing into  stereotypes, her initial behavior with strangers is rather free-spirited and perhaps a touch brash.  Those skilled at reading people would note that this is a mask to cover an aloofness to people she first meets.  Unless they spark her interest or curiosity.  There are subtle hints that she is an arcane caster of some sort, be it her thick tomes or the occult accouterments about her elfin form.  A subtle aura of darkness that touches many of the ways she acts might indicate she has tapped in to powers others would shirk from.  She appears mostly attracted to women and most likely knows Blue Magic.

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf