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Perky smile and a lively spark greet you whenever you look at her. Well, at least in theory and somewhat normal circumstances.

Haylee is a catling, with two puffy ears, tail and somewhat small, but still noticable feline fangs inside her mouth.

But lets get into more details, as if you couldn't tell already.

Her fur and hair, if there's even any difference, is honey yellow, or gold as she claims it to be. And to make it clear, there in fact is difference betwen those two, as her fur is soft on both her ears and her tail, while the hair is...well, like any well maintained hair really.

Eyes consist of two things worth mentioning. Firstly her pupils are feline-like slits, and her irises have a very sea like color.

She doesn't have much muscle mass, but the little she has, is well built, the catling having visibly toned muscles underneath.

As such she's agile, but not very good with frontal assaults, at least not while using any kind of raw force. While were at it, her durability is avarege for her profession.

The word to describe her would be adorable, cute etc. As she posses such type of beauty, which works pretty well with how tall she is...or rather short.

Going into a bit different direction, Haylee seems like the person that is easly pulled into any sorts of trouble, and her mind focuses more on solving problems, then avoiding them.

She's gullible and brash, easily taking part of any dare, as long as the prize is reasonable and not too much or too little. She often doesn't seem to notice the danger until its too late...

...That said, her eyes spark with astute, as she, in time of need, has some ways to get out of troubles, either unharmed, or at least alive...well, least up till now.

But to be honest, its not a big problem, as she seems to dive into such by herself quite often. Loving any kind of hazard, fair fights, duels, dares and other. Its also easy for her to get lost in any kind of stimulants, drugs or liquors.

Whats peculiar about her is that she likes to bet...well, alright, that on itself is not peculiar I understand, but lets get to that part. She finds little value in gold or gems, prefering some other forms of betting, more immediate forms of prizes, be it a piece of candy, a cake, a funny dance, a bottle of good wine, or strong whiskey, something to smoke and well, other, more physical.

Well, you looked at her and you could, but could not notice something about her, which I guess isn't that special as it is sinfar afterall. But sometimes she prefers to not wear pants.
Also a double diced earing on her left ear. And I don't mean it in  a way that she wears loincloth or a skirt. No, she prefers to not cover her butt with anything. Each comment greeting with a shrug and a sheepish smile.

OOC stuff:

Well, I won't bother posting lights, i'll just give you guys my f-list.


Tell friendly! Feel free to nudge me ingame with tells.
Or you can just find me ingame (reason why I don't hide my location) You might not find what you're seeking by just doing that, but if you prefer a more natural aproach, there you go!
Player:Bottomless Pit Fighter
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling