Helis of Pangolais

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Name: Helis

Age: Seems mid fifties

Sex: Full female

Build: Lean and wiry

Profession: Inquisitor

Accent: English

Helis is a tall woman, yet the first thing you would notice is her age, getting on a bit she is in her mid fifties, the grey hairs already woefully apparent. Her face is weathered and worn yet a sickly pale in tone with a rather large scar running down over her left eye, that maimed eye dull and pale from where she had been partially blinded.

Sent from the mysterious city of Pangolais and sharing the common traits of those hailing from there she is oft found wearing practical clothing yet with finery evident in places showing her high station the order, she is an upright woman, usually gazing about with a stern look except for the rare occasions when some fortunate or most likely unfortunate people witness her at work a cruel sadistic smile seems to grow across those aged features.
Player:Lyanna Gordon
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human