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Race: Oni
Height: 8'5"
Eye-color: Ruby red
Body-type: Muscular

+In progress+

A horrifying beast, three simple words that would describe this creature if he was really that simple, his head was twisted and large, his nose far too big for his face and a jaw filled with razor sharp fangs ready and waiting for it's next meal, its hair was like fire and it's eyes followed suit.

The oni wore nothing more than fur covering his chest and padding his waist nothing more than makeshift armor for when it decided it was time for a fight. (Which was often)

His common was poor, very poor infact that he had rarely spoke to those outside of Rokugan and the other realms which resembled it, but being lost here on this island is a challenge considering all the tasty flesh that seems to parade itself around.

After joining the Court of Yokai, and at the insistence of his Lord Akanma Igarashi, he traveled the island and the surrounding area for months.  While still quiet in large company, his common improved with his interactions on his journey.  He returned slightly tempered from his old raw Oni self, having gained wisdom and insight of this realm.  He still loved a fight, and his rage was palpable at the onset of his blade.

*Eats small creatures.
*Member of the Court of Yokai
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc