Aida Wells

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@>~~}~~~ Aida Wells

-In short a glimps-
Human so far.
Age seems to be mid twenties.
Brown hair with brown eyes
She appears to be five foot five inches bare foot.

A light intro which should be learned IC-

Long dark brown locks adorn her face.Her hair often pulled back. Her lips full with eyes expressing a professional empathy. Aida has arrived from another plane. Her previous realm is similar to the technology of Mur . She is a student of wizardry and mind. Her creamed skin would indicate her love of bathing and ointments to moisturize. Purple painted nails of moderate length, just enough to slip scratch ones skin for such a called for action. Her smile is gentle which compliments her intuitive attentive eyes while she is listening to a client. She may often be clothed in what she considers professional attire. A love of heels or heeled boots. When her hips gait her toned rear would shake subtly as she does consciously try to keep in shape. Not one to venture out and risk her life.Rather a life of comforts and intellect. Her brown doe eyes are highlighted by her long lashes. Marks on the sides of her nose indicate constant use of glasses as her sight is not perfect. Her body favors her legs it seems. Average length in torso but her toned legs and calves are the longer.Her attempts to be graceful are not the best. A laughter that could be considered contagious , especially when she laughs hard till she snorts nerdy like. Its not flattering at that point. Aida is attracted to personality the most. She finds the beauty of a man or a woman equal in their own ways. Her first goal is to find an office, though needs money first.

Whites: Sweethearts and beings that can socialize fairly. Having her listen and help with her specialties in psychology! Rough sex to slow sensual of course. Men and women that get along together. Couples!

Greens: Intrigue, Character developing, realism sex in all sorts. If she doesnt like what is happening, a character will notice. Problem solving such as dealing with phobias or addictions or past trauma. People with imagination for the appreciation of give and take RP from all angles. Cocks and pussy. She has been in trio relationships in the past. She can switch from time to time. Men that are soft or clever tough not just dumb brutes. Women that honestly enjoy a woman when it comes down to them doing anything sexual.

Yellows: curious of pets and slavery

Reds: pedo, poop yuck!. ooc bleeds. Very rude characters that borderline coming off as ooc attitude.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human