Ma'Leeah S'erminutue-el'Liani

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The Physicals:

Height:  Six Feet, Six Inches.
Eyes:  Vibrant, Glowing, Icy Blue./Lasered Red.
Hair:  Long, & Silky Straight.  Fiery Colored.
Skin:  Dark, Fiendish Tan.  Oddly Flawless.
Race:  Alu Fiend. (Half Succubus/Half Human.)
Sex:  She-Male.

UPDATE:  Ma'Leeah now has a vibrant inking that sleeves her entire, left arm.  The art depicts the theme of a tropical beach at sunset.

UPDATE: Ma'Leeah has taken a portion of her rare gem collection, and fabricated some decoration for her ear.  She seems to wear them almost always, even when she's surfing.

The Face:

Ma'leeah's face has been previously commented upon as being enchantingly beautiful.  Tight, tanned, & soft flesh stretched over her rather sharp, features.  High cheekbones, hauntingly set eyes, a sharp chin, & slightly pointed ears.

Ma'leeah's alluring facial structure provides a sharply slanted nose, and a pair of lushly painted, glossy black lips most of the time.  Ma'leeah's brow is sharply angled to curl in towards the bridge of her nose.

Ma'leeah's tongue is long, and slender.  There is also a forked pair of points at the end of it's length.  Ma'leeah's tongue is also unnaturally long.

Ma'leeah's forehead is a short one, however, it is difficult to actually tell where her forehead ends, and where her bangs begin.  The long tresses that comprise her bangs almost always drape down over it's curve.  The fiery drape of her hair concealing even a large portion of her facial features at times.

The mane that spills down the beauty's back is most often kept long, & left it's natural fiery color.  Many times she will wear the mane in a pony so that it doesn't get in her way as much.

Ma'leeah's neck very slightly curves inwards, and then back out in melting into her shoulders, and she doesn't have much in the way of a noticeable adam's apple either.

Neck to Hips:

Ma'leeah's shoulders are tapered, & rather broad.  She possesses well defined collarbones, & the rising upslope to her bust reaches up to show off a pair of big, fat, heavy masses.  These masses are the plump, jiggling, soft fleshy cushions that are her large D weighted breasts.  The plumpness of her bust causes the inner swells to produce a lovely cleavage, even when she would go about naked, or without a bra/top/other means of bust support.  The nipples are large, & bright pink.

From here, Ma'leeah's ribs angle out to curve in inverted directions down her torso's front, defining it's midlines.  Below her ribs, sits the inwards curve of her tight tummy.  The belly button is concave, & rather shallow.  Ma'leeah's back is defined by slightly visible muscle mass, that forms the tightly pulled flesh inwards about her wing roots.  The line denoting Ma'leeah's spine perfectly vertical, save for a slight curve at the very bottom, when she has her hips shifted for weight balance.

Ma'leeah's arms are rather standard, womanly limbs.  Hardly muscled, softly fleshed, and finished off with her hands.  She possesses slender hands, but the hands themselves show off the same plumpness that her arms do.  Most of the time her nails are kept long, roughly three inches, and kept a glossy black.

Ma'leeah's wings are reddish in flesh color with a darker, almost black near the edges.  They possess a span of roughly fifteen feet when fulled extended.  They mount directly into her shoulders, in the center of the blades themselves.

Hips and Below:

Ma'leeah's hips flare out, and away from her tummy's inward slopes.  The extend falling just short to the width of her shoulders/bust.  Ma'leeah's hips are curvy, and plump.  The V of her crotch, tight & smooth in sloping down between her thighs.  

On the backside:  Two equally plump, juicy assbubbles that can give any hand it's measure of ample softness to grope, and grab upon.

On the frontside:  She wasn't entirely female, and this was also a portion of her body that she could not hide.  A rather massive cock.  Ten inches in it's soft state, and twelve when fully erect.  Just under there were a pair of tennis ball sized friends to go along with it.

Ma'leeah's thighs are tight, soft, and fleshy.  She possesses unmarked knees, and well defined calves.  Ma'leeah's ankles are also rather sharply featured.  She didn't forget about her toenails either: Well trimmed, & glossy black.


Dark, black eyeliner.  Gold shadow.  Glossy black lipstick.


Plain, like the rain; if she just got rained on.  Like booze if she's been boozin'.  Like chicken if she's been to some place in the mall.


Three matching studs in her tongue, in sequence.

RED:  Don't want halflings/catlings; don't want to shit on them either.  TC's spider-brigade; dragon-kin, or werewolves, furries/characters with animal features. Males, jips, mushroom heads, inverted emotes, and obnoxious, web client spam.
Player:Another Alu
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human