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Gender: Female
Race: Homunculus
Apparent Race: (Usually) Wild elf
Hair: Crimson red
Eyes: Golden
Build: Skinny
Bust: A-cup


With a lithe and lean figure, tending more towards the petite side of things, this being could be easily mistaken for an elven girl... At least, she does have the proportions of one, as well as the pointed ears usually found in that species.

That is, until one notices her lack of a belly button, or when this usually bubbly female's muscles begin to ripple, the bones underneath breaking and re-melding at an alarming rate as she sheds her appearance for an entirely different one.


These are player lights for this character. They are -not- the character's, nor are they the same with my every character.

White: Character development. Character development. Character development! Every action and event has a consequence. Everything that happens will shape up, flesh out, do or break this character, both physically and psychologically.

Wanna recruit her to your faction/hire her for your business? Go ahead. Wanna offer her some tips to stay alive? Awesome. Feel like chatting/ hanging out? Great. Romance? Sure, can happen.

Does your character follow a lower end of the alignment spectrum and is likely to assault, rob, rape, torture or enslave her? She won't like it and if given a chance, she'll make you regret it, but go nuts: long as it's good RP, me likes.

Greens: Oral (giving or receiving), vaginal, anal, males, females and in-betweens. Most humanoid species. This character is capable of taking seemingly impossible fits, so you can go nuts that way aswell.

Yellows: Anything with long-lasting effects, please ask. If you're unsure about something, please ask.

Reds: The usual, game-banned stuff. Any and all attempts to mess with her soul: Homunculi are constructs. She does -not- have a soul to meddle with, in the first place!

//Note: This character -becomes- whatever she shifts into. Please, if you see her in golem or lizardfolk form, for example, consider seeing her exactly as that- no matter if your char's under the effects of truesight.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf