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FULL NAME: unknown
RACE: some kind of Catkin
SEX: Female
SKIN: light tan
HAIR: short, jet-black
EYES: orb-like, molten gold
HEIGHT: 4'5''
BUILD: slim, fit but not skinny


The young woman before you with her plush, seemingly ever twitching ears, her distinctive, orb like eyes the color of molten gold and a slender frame covered by smooth, tan skin is most obviously a Catling - or something along that line. If that weren't odd enough in and of itself a variety of piercings cover her face and ears, the left of which shows a small nick from top to bottom.
Various other parts of her body fall victim to her sense of body art with a number of silvery studs and rings adorning her more private parts should you ever get to enjoy their sight, the most visible however being a chain of tiny, interwoven ornate obsidian snakes adorning her navel.

Swirling lines of chaotic tattoos snake all the way from her left shoulder down to the back of her hand and cover almost the entirety of her left leg as well, down from hip to ankle, usually hidden beneath a pair of loose fitting trousers and partially plated, almost knee high boots. Staring at her body art for a while you start to see letters forming words that fade away again just as you try to get a closer look at them.

Her neck sports a slim, black leather collar pretty much at all times with the word "SLUT" sticking out in bold, silvery letters. She does rather seem to wear it like a badge of honor.

Compared to all that her long tail, sprouting from her coccyx, seems rather plain in it's hypnotizing motions. Her voice however really is one of a kind - scratchy, gravelly and deeper than you might have assumed while her small tongue and small but sharp canine fangs force a slight but noticeable lisp.

All those features combined despite standing only roughly 4'5'' high grant her a somewhat nefarious look. Her pierced lips, seemingly locked in a mischievous smirk don't really help to defuse this impression either. Usually armed with two double edged blades strapped to her thighs and a pair of custom, double-barreled flintlocks dangling from her belt, imaginatively dubbed "Mr. Flints" and "Dr. Locks", as the engraving shows, she really doesn't portray your typical Cat Girl.


Minx has a slightly heightened sense of smell, very sensitive directional hearing which leaves her susceptible to loud noises and high pitches however and her orb-like eyes retain the ability to discern colors even in barely lit enviroments and dark nights. They are unable to see  through magical darkness though.

The magically attuned may notice a faint arcane aura eminating from her. Not enough to assume any sophisticated arcane capabilites. It's more like she herself was magically created or at least altered in some major ways.

I'm generally tell friendly. You like my lights or her description we can easily set something up. English isn't my native language though, so if I might take a bit longer at times that might just as well be me smashing my head on the table for words to tumble out. ^^

REDS: 'excessive' gore, vore, pedo as well as anything else against server rules

YELLOWS: females, softcore, love relationships, long term enslavement, permanent alterations, impregnation and scat - I really need to be in the right mood for any of these or need the right incentives

GREENS: Male, shemale, hardcore, public, BDSM, rape, beastiality / sodomy, huge insertion, double- / triple penetration, gangs, short term slave play / magical coercion, watersports and pretty much anything else not listed above

Seriously, if it's not on the list I'm probably okay with it or, less likely, just don't know of it. I'm pretty open minded as long as it's engagingly played. Just keep in mind that while I may be okay with my characters being raped doesn't mean they like being raped and will probably resist by all means available. Hence rape. You're not supposed to enjoy it, duh!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf