Alusia 'Alura' Frostfire

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A pretty enough girl, who usually keeps her hair pulled back, with a few stray ringlets falling down to frame her face. She looks to be twenty years of age, or perhaps just shy of that. She looks mostly to be human, though the subtle points on her ears indicates a not entirely pure ancestry.

Of late she tends to appear in one of two ways - either dressed in fancy 'mage' attire, with noticeable makeup marks such as lines tapered to a point beneath her eyes, or in simpler dresses with her face bereft of such adornment.

Short version: Noble-born fled to seek her own way. Mid-level mage.


Roleplay, interesting characters, consequences and persistence, most things that are appropriate in the course of RP.  Tells are fine, so ask away if you have any questions.

Powerful mages, older men, greenskin sorts (Goblins, orcs, etc), fiends, dubcon/noncon, are all particular themes of interest, though certainly not an exclusive list.

Making a long-term slave of her, or any sort of equivalent, won't happen except in the course of ongoing consistent roleplay.
No scat, gore (that is, no cutting pieces off of her, or the like - lesser things like bruising, piercing, or other harm is generally fine), killing this character off, or anything against the rules. Most anything else is probably fine, feel free to ask if unsure.

Player:Alluvial Alliteration
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human