Portrait Save
Looks strange - undoubtedly outlander...

# Race: Human
# Age: Mid 30
# Gender: Male
# Height: Average
# Eyes: Brown
(one of them have vertical scar across of eye center lefted by claw some demonic hand - it's inflicted unusual curse making eyeball visually emit dark flame; no one can exactly tell what actually see this eye, except his owner, but he prefer say nothing)
# Hairs: Light-brown

Outlander, not outstanding citizen - he was an ordinary hunter... Until on hunt he not was captured by fallen creatures, escape from which required some more additional abilities, to not make hunter became victim.
Now you can call him Witcher, because his hunt for wild animals already long time ago turned into stalking for different magical creatures, witches, demons and other monsters.
Invariably clad in frayed cloak, which is covering enchanted armor, and wide hat, what masking his face - he armed by heavy spelled greatsword, which using in combat with Berserk stile, smashing and burning his enemies befor they catch his own.

Traffic Lights system:
RED Lights - Usual server bans and so on DM's arbitrariness, also rudeness from players (if it is you're 'character' such asshole - please play it properly, respect other players and be nice);
If you match Yellow or Green zone - you know what about play is going on, all other is in Red.
YELLOW Lights - RP in English language;
If you already play with this character and whant RPlay something more then street/forest-hello&bye-meeting - ask in 'tell', or make hint in you're RP, and 'character' respond accordingly his role and players mood;
English is not native language for this player, so be patient anyway (also this player prefers only girls).
GREEN Lights - RP in home language (details in paragraph below).

Tell's: friendly.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human