Maria Moon

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Everything down here is 18+!!!

Description was updated 19.4.2019

I love game with dice. Mainly d20 can be funny! Ask me about it and we can use it :)

The best picture of Maria!

Maria as the hottest angelic MILF

Can not you believe this? Pfff sure Maria is still married with demonic lord Simon Moon but.....yes, she is slutty sometimes ...rarely <3  :) (heey where is my halo!)

And you others? Sure you can fuck her, you can humiliate and something other but do not try to steal her heart from Simon!!!
Or i will do you something cruel! Yeah! I will not play with you next time again! *grins*

Well Maria is angel or demon? Hmm it is big really BIG question!


Maria Moon

She is about 6'6" (198 cm) tall  woman, her angelic body is gorgeous and curvaceous. If you are not enough tall so use it against her and stare to her massive stunning rounded tits, her breasts looks like big soft bumpers. Awww that nice pink pink areolas and so thick thick nipples oh so suckable nom nom nom ..... eeek do not kill me with those orbs! Ideal for boobjob!
Uhm *gulps* so huge *bounce bounce*

Although her body is really amazing curvaceous with that big tits and bubble buttocks so she has good built is visible that she does exercises a lot. She is incredibly agile and flexible.

Boobies *bounce bounce*

She is so sexy and she has flat muscular belly and her waist is nice slender. Above her bellybutton is small tattoo. It is nice red and black heart with angelic wings on sides. On tip of heart is cute demonic tall and there are nice horns too. In heart is special magic rune. You can find out for what it is :P

Maria turn around please! Look at those hefty rounded asscheeks ... are nice firm! Ehmm usualy.

Also she has another tattoo above her buttocks on her back. It is nice gold complicated tattoo. Above it is written "SIMONs SLUT - I LOVE YOU!"

Between her rearcheeks is pink gapping pucker. Damn it is so sexy and tempting to shove prick inside her tight amazingly trained rearhole for the best anal sex!
She trains her ass well! And she adores Anal sex! :3

OR not? Do you prefer hotdogging?

Well i see that you are staring to her plump pussy. Yeah everyone adore her peachy pussy!

Its my pussy puffy enough?
Hmm nope! *smacks these labias* Swell them more!!!

Her outer labias looks like after use vacuum pump and those fat pussylips cover her tiny pink petals her inner labias and cute pink clit.But you have to spread out her pussylips or fuck her so much so see that innerpetals and clit
Yeah very fat puffy labias

Her pink angelic cunny is yummy. It is so often wet from angelic delicious lovejuices with soft aphrodisiac effect.
Toy with them.
Lick them now!

She has cute innocent face with nice blue eyes, small and very full pink or red lips. Aww do you want kiss those lips? Or do you want put cockhead between her sweet lips? Pff bad idea you pervert man! *slap you*. Okey sometimes it is not problem *sticks out tongue* ah yes she has piercing in her nice long and really nimble tongue. ¨
Her hair are blond and hair are disheveled it sounds funny but she is so adorable.


Well that is almost all. Now only what does she adore or hate.

Reds (Nope, NO, Never!): gore, scat, torture, amputation, mutilation, perma-death, sucking blood (vampires), throttling (do not hold her throat firmly, please),
Players who need to bothering other players....please do not ruin my RP ;). If you do not like my RP so do not play with me.

Yellows: Shemales, Herms, Boys who look like girls, elven males.
But! You have chance it is rare chance so i will warn you if YEP or NOPE! (usually nope *snickers impishly*)¨
Females? Hmm *tap lips* Why not ...sometimes *licks happy pussy of moaning girl*

Long term rp - i love RP with story but i like quickies too ;)

RP with imaginary NPC (For example when guard watch us, he can join to us *nod nod* For example "Hey sailors come here and join to fucking this horny slut!" Aww is not it nice imagination?)

Use your brain in IC situatin - please, if you get Maria into funny or crazy situations so you can do ... ehm you know what you can do then :P. Surprise me :)

Males - sure Maria adores all males but WARNING! She adores mainly Simon Moon she can be slutty but in her heart is only he on first place. After him is there big empty space and then are other men :P. It is cruel but it is true.

Do you want to better description?

Okey she likes males who have brain :) who are tall muscular cheeky and so on. But also she likes minotaurs, orcs, dwarfs, horselings, wolfkings, old or fat men and so on and so on.
Animals - sometimes why not

Special things!

Swelling her pussylips (Damn it! Look at my panties! Such cameltoe!)
Condom play (Risk of bursting condom)
Deep Penetration (Anal, vaginal, oral)
Stretching (Do not worry)
Fisting (Eeeek it is not glove!)
Condom play (Risk of bursting condom)
Large insertions (Hmmm yes very big things)
Impregnation (But not often :P )
Humiliation (Oh yeah)
Lactation (Do you want taste my milk?)
Rape (Eeeh okey sometimes why not but use brain!)
Seducing (yeah that is better way than rape)
Tricks (the best way how we can have fun!)
Groups (Oh please a lot of men)
Alcohol or drugs (Easy to use her for wild group sex and other pervese situation)
Cum play (She has sperm diet)
Bondage (Awww this is mine rope!)
Inflation (Breast, belly)
Blowjob (*sticks out tongue*)
Spanking (Aaaaah! Spank slap tease my hefty ass or my plump pussylips!)
Stuffing her pussy and womb (Eeeek my belly is rounded! I have 20 oranges in womb! Stop that!)

Phew! That is almost all. But okey bonus on the end :).

Her favorite position. She loves ride you.
Gangbang uhmm yes!
Awww dirty sexy! Cum more for your angelic queen!
Hey boys do not be shy i have two nice holes!
Horses or creampiing her cunny (uhm she should use condom)
Costume party! I am Bowsette!
*slurp* Look in my eyes *slurp* and feed me *slurp* i love it *slurp slurp*
Oh it is nice when it is spurting out!

I will update this profile so watch this description and thank you that you read it :)

//If you find some mistakes so write me it. English is not my native language ( I am still learning it. Same as Spanish :) )
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human