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\\Temporarily:  Lacking scars,  smoother voice//

Watching her for even a few seconds, one would note Natalya to carry herself with a certain pride, if not some military stiffness, and a striking single-eyed amber gaze surrounded by a prominent trio of scars. Natalya carries herself in a straightforward manner at (almost) all times- though when regarding familiar people it obviously softens somewhat- something that may be attributed to an often-worn symbol of Torm that dangles in front of her chest, usually over any layers of clothing or armour worn. The silver symbol holds its own share of scarring, with smaller dents bent back into place and scuffs polished out, so much as they can be. She is only slightly taller than average, though this could be attributed to her upright posture rather than any heeled boots lifting her higher. A vast array of baubles and vials adorn her belt all the way around her waist underneath her cloak, identifiable if one were knowledgeable enough. When she speaks to those unfamiliar, it is typically in a direct manner, her voice surprisingly soft despite the tone she usually takes; it is one of a creeping, subtle warning, matter of fact and with obvious conviction in her words.

Perhaps not the easiest woman to approach at first.

Or in list format;
Hair: Dark Auburn/Reddish
Eye: Amber, faintly luminescent
Height: 5'11"
Smiles: Scowly
Voice: Gritty

Beneath the Cowl:

Under brighter lights, the dull light of her iris becomes less prominent, but far more notable are the three fairly thin lines slanted across Natalya's face. First and foremost one may note a vertical dash that  forms a break her right brow, over her shut right lid- one may easily assume that this woman has lost vision in it. Perpendicular to that scar, another slash is apparent across the bridge of Natalya's nose, a closer look showing the dotting of old stitches removed. Finally, the last upon her left cheek, diagonally just above her jawline, punctuated in its center by a splotch of an old burn. Otherwise, this woman seems to eschew the use of many... or any balms or products to enhance her looks- often times, one can even note a chapping of her lips, purple crescents dipped underneath her eyes, and a general messiness to the strands of hair visible. Less noticeable, but still moreso than the numerous miscellaneous nicks, is the small wedge of a mark dangerously close to her right carotid artery a few inches above her collarbone to round things off.

Beneath the Layers (Scars):

Top to bottom, it's clear that this woman has been through years if not decades of strife- that or she has a fetish for scarification.

Upon her left collarbone, now overlapped twice over, is a hint of a jagged slice halfway between her neck and shoulder proper, though closeby and much more prominent is a line of stitch-scars that bite almost into the swell of her breast, arching up and over her shoulder in a furious if thin red, and terminating an inch or so into her back, the line not quite straight and holding a few jagged edges to it. Further down that arm are, among the various small slips and lighter-hued crosses of various age, is a somewhat neat semicircle that bites into her bicep, just above her elbow along the outside of its crest, followed further down by a smaller, diagonal hatch near her wrist. To end things off, Natalya's left pinky and ring fingers seem to be a subtly lighter colour above the first knuckles, with  accompanied jagged lines hidden within the wrinkles of those digits.

The alu-fiend's right arm seems to hardly be spared the wear and tear of efforts, though its own marks start further down, the first major splotch being almost a starburst of texture on the outside and inside of her right bicep, implying something had pushed its way through and mangled the limb at one point or another, followed further by an odd semi-spiral starting midway down the inside of her right forearm and tracing outward to end at the bottom of her right wrist, as if it might continue to the back of her hand if it hadn't of been stopped.

Upon her back, there are many hints first and foremost of diagonal lashes taking center stage, slivering in crossed hatches- though their depths are dwarfed by the deeper purple that highlight nearby her scapula where those with some knowledge ofanatomy would easily place wings. Otherwise, the other greatest hints of past missteps start winding around her right side, starting barely behind her with a rhomboid shape, starting as four and finishing as three once properly wrapping around her taut stomach, likely some sort of mauling or particularly unhappy fiend that dug its claws into her. Almost taking where those old marks leave off are a more random assortment of long horizontal slices and nicks that cross to her left side, still an angry crimson against her otherwise lightly tanned hide. Intersecting these fresher-looking injuries is a curving, singular wedge that slides its way vertically from her left hip, up along her ribs and stopping just short of her armpit with a quick upward flick of a curl, assumably whatever caused the blow rolling back upwards after blazing its trail.

Inching down, there is a much older, deeper horizontal stab below and to the right of her navel, followed after by a down-curving slice around her right hip that terminates just before biting into her buttock, and to add further to that thigh, a large splotch in its center, mirrored on the opposite end. Otherwise, the only other major scars below her belt remain on her left leg; a dip into the alu-fiend's calf at its center, and the most glaring of them all a gap gouged an inch or so into her left foot, between her big and index toes, though its dark shade implies it may be her oldest scar of all.

What else can be seen of Natalya is a body mostly fit for an active hunter with a curious, acute gaze sweeping across her surroundings save for when it is focused upon whatever piques her interest fully. Her musculature is defined, save for some extra padding at the hips and rump, and there are often slight furrowings of her brow in thought.
When present, Natalya's abyssal appendages tend to remain fairly tame, lacking in movement. Her wings hold a few light lines of healed-over tears closer to the bottom of the membrane, with the deeper purple dashes aligning slightly further below the right and trailing to its crest for whatever reason. The alu's smooth, leathery tail only barely gravitates towards those that linger nearby, and hardly at all in public at least.

Those that can sense fiendish presences may note Natalya's split heritage as an Alu-fiend- she certainly doesn't seem to magically hide it, even if she does so physically. In turn, Nat has undergone training to sniff out various fiends and outsiders herself, and is quite adept at tracking them, as well as undead.\\
-For lights, I'm willing to go with the flow of IC actions and consequences, up to the point of wherever anyone else is. That is to say, if you want to do something to Nat, you should be comfortable with the possibility of her or others doing it to you. This does not apply to throw-away characters. Nat's preferences are different to mine and reflect her experiences.
-Using !whospy to metagame the presence of people you cannot see is a good way to make me not want to RP with you, as is metagaming in general. If you can't detect someone, your character doesn't know they are there and should not act or speak differently.
-Real life takes precedence. Please tell me if you are tired, need to go, or have no interest in a scene- even if it's something that was planned to be finished. I'll do my best to make time for continuations, or scenes can be summarized. I won't be insulted in any of these cases but stringing me along without any actual intention to follow through can get annoying. If I do a scene it tends to run 2 hours at the very minimum. I will know you didn't read the first sentence of the bio if you didn't know Nat only has one eye open.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human