Valeria the Bleak

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Madness takes it's toll. Please have exact change.

Valeria - What's that sound!?, The Iresble, HA-HA-HA, YgilyWgilyZgily

Minor Note: On the lookout for Angel characters to abuse and/or enslave on a long term basis. Send a Tell if interested! This also includes potential offspring of Valeria if you're interested in that route as well.**

Height: 6 feet (Standard Succubus)

Build: Sinful and curvy with fat in just the right places.

Weight: Probably more then you'd expect

Eyes: Mismatched. Fierce Purple/Sky Blue

Wings: Oversized for herself, the tips often dragging across the floor. Appears boneless.

Tail: Thick. Appears boneless.

Greater Tanar'ri?

Hear the barmies screaming in the streets? That's as much truth as one will get in this life.

Valeria's demeanor now a days is quite the stark contrast to her old one. Often with a more thoughtful and distant gaze upon her face then usual. More prone to bouts of euphoric mania and deep depressive lows. Her former belief shattered and replaced with a cold dark reality.

She can still be seen carrying that former, happy smile she once had, but often wears a rather neutral tone upon her face.

Almost always, pinned upon her person in clear view, would be a brooch depicting a cowled figure with two daggers on either side of the hooded figure's visage.

True Seeing can reveal more information!

** Physical Notes **

A beautiful crystalline rose adorns her hair most of the time (when it's on her model you can safely assume it's there). A unique gift from a muse, which is incapable of even being touched by beings who do not hold, or understand, the concept of Love within them.

Her scent, now, is quite potent. Usually contained under various magical seals, those are completely gone now. Anyone with a good sense of smell could pick Valeria up in the wind and more easily track her, but this also means most of her alluring nature is amplified as well. Often tasting very sweet with just a mild hint of sourness of the Abyss to her. Giving her a nice sweet and sour mixture.

The merging of her minds into one has also left the fiendess with higher then usual latent psionics. Perhaps even developing themselves into unexpected ways.

Upon the fiend's wrists look to be a set of tight fitting glass bracelets as well, with no discernible way to remove them. They give off a magical aura around them as well.

Should one see Valeria undressed (or in outfits that expose such) her normally flawless skin is marked by bite marks up and down one side of her neck and shoulder. This seems to be the only scarring on her form, and one might be able to identify it as dragon tooth scars.

As of late Valeria has taken to wearing a small bell braided in her hair. Often giving a small jingle or two with each step and animated shift she takes.

-- What COULD happen to YOU --

Domme, BDSM, Pet/Slave play (Temp or Long term), Corruption, Tainted Halo RP, Addiction, Mind Control, Psionic Play, Tentacles, Incest, Groping, Cuddling, Vanilla, Philosophy,non-con (and con), plus a lot more. Flexible. INSANE TANAR'RI. Consequences... Plots, Horror (The more cosmic, the better!) (and plotting).

Non-Con play is something I've particularly grown to enjoy. So if it's something you'd be interested happening to your char we can talk it over it tells some.

-- What MIGHT happen to YOU --

Flexible. Greatly depends on my moods but I'm open to more then you might expect. Don't expect Valeria to be a slave/pet of yours, and if she Switches for you consider yourself a special individual.

-- What WONT happen to YOU --

Server rules, Pedo, Scat, Extreme Vore (Body parts getting eaten in sexual encounters. Piss her off and that could change in regular RP though). Plus anything else I deem a red light. Deal with it.

OOC DRAMA: Just no. Dealt with enough of it. It's a mood killer.

If you'd like a little more detailed list:

Preferred Sex: Female/Shemale/Herm, Fembois, Males


I don't mind conflict and pvp, but talking about it oocly helps I've found.

Player is very Tell friendly. Don't be afraid to send me one with questions, comments, or just to say hi. I don't bite much! Corruption RP is a particular favorite of mine as well.

If I seem afk you can just poke me with a Tell too. Usually I keep the web client open and I should hear the noise.

((Note: This character is a demon, but is considered a 'tainted halo' currently. Meaning if you can detect Chaos or Evil you will always feel this upon Valeria.))

Thank you for reading! *Kiss*

** Boring Ability Notes **

Shapechange: Able to take on any humanoid form from small to medium size, including sex. From genderless, male, female, to everything in between.

Telepathy: Valeria as a tanar'ri is a natural telepath. Range up to 100 ft.

Energy Drain: With but a kiss (and perhaps more) Valeria is able to drain the positive energy out of another. Usually reserved to those that kiss her by surprise but if given time to prepare Valeria can control this aspect of herself and leave the individual unharmed.

Detect Thoughts: Valeria, as a fiend, is capable of detecting the thoughts of others. While she doesn't always scan othres for their thoughts, sometimes she can't help but pick some things up. (Your choice if she hears anything from your char. Just send me a tell letting me know it's their thoughts!)

Suggestion: With but a honeyed word or firm command, Valeria is able to suggest a course of action for another to take. Often she is subtle with her use of Suggestion. Leaving the victim unaware it even occured. (Again, up to you if it's successful. If you want to roll the DC be my guest as well)

** True Name Abilities **

((Note: All abilities amplified now thanks to Valeria's greater demon status))

Corrupted Juices/Cum: Valeria's potent seed or sweet nectar carries with it Corruption. Effects can range from physical/mental changes, addiction, loss of inhibitions, or more. Your choice if this effects your PC at all.

Aura of Arousal: Close proximity to Valeria often results in those of weaker will or control finding themselves more and more aroused as time goes on. This doesn't mean they find they throw themselves at valeria, but the possibility exist. Leaving her presence, mental defense, or Protection from Evil often gets rid of the effect. (Your choice if this aura effects your PC)

**Bleak Cabal Abilities**

Jumbled Thoughts: There's no more room for additional madness in her head, she already has her fair share. As a result Valeria is immune to magical and esoteric insanity of any kind. She's already quite insane enough thank you very much! This also means she's immune to certain psionics affecting her mind and could gain a +4 vs Will against certain effects.

Absorb Insanity: If Valeria is given proper time to prepare and perform a very lengthy process she is able to absorb and drain any magical, psionic, or esoteric induced insanity within an individual (even from cursed equipment) completely, though naturally induced insanity and mental illness can only be relieved for 1d4 days.

She can also attempt to remove any charming or domination/compulsion effects upon an individual, but both can not be done at once or on the same day. This process is a very long and involved one, and will leave the fiend in mental anguish for a few days as she sorts the absorbed insanity.

Howl of Pandemonium - Short Version: lvl 6 arcane spell. Unique. Includes various effects, can channel.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human