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Anna. She can be a round of fun, but she's complex too.






Race: Water nymph

Age: 195 (26-27)

Build: Short and dexterous, slightly more strategically rounded

Bust: Round D

Ass: Broad apple

Hair: Varies

Dresscode: skimpy bordering on whorish, sometimes heavy makeup and glossy dark lipstick.

Occupation: Unknown but usually to do with sex. Currently volunteering on Leisure Isle, training to be an Ukari field medic and working several other small jobs. Currently hangs out at Infernal Pleasures on a trial period, other times can be found on Cat Ta Berry.

History: Nobody knows where she originates from, but she's come to Sinfar from Mianyr. She knows mostly males of the population for apparent reasons, but does recall some other faces from the past as well.

AFFILIATIONS: Smyrna waternymph clan. Former Tensian faction.

SPECIAL SKILLS: Easily befriending people, doing amazing blowjob marathons, fluffing in small groups, making complex insults and odd jokes.

SPECIAL DETAILS: Lacks clitoris (so don't emote touching it, I'm sick of this happening), no real amoral desires. A good piece of advice is to accept her and make the best of it, not try to fathom her out or play psychologist with her motives, as this would be a certain way to frustrate her and make her leave.


Easy-going and friendly towards casual and interesting people. May come off as a cunt when someone tries to 'save' her or acts gentlemanly to hide their designs. If you don't want to interact, say so outright, don't try to hide or play mute with her.

She's used to being simply grabbed and made to perform her skills and seldom has objections, alone or with several people. She regards sex as a social interaction and general nicety. She's on the small side with her general size and understands that she's more or less handled in most cases. Size also brings limitations though. If she clearly isn't interested in e.g. being impregnated or sodomised, take the hint.

If Anna is seen on Leisure Isle, she's working there voluntary, so go ahead and tell her what you need. Also if she's wearing her white-and-red body armor around town, she's doing her medic's field training, binding small cuts and flexing sore cocks. Again, ask her for help.

Anything else: through RP


//As to the OOC: Nothing against the server rules, naturally, or what borders on breaking them. I dislike metagamers, OOC-hatred from people I don't even know and people who want to tell me how to play my character. If you hate my character or me then stay away, I probably won't like you either. Rulebook lore junkies are also annoying. Don't mix up me & my character when telling/emoting,I am not her and it really pushes my buttons. Reporting all metagaming, harassment and/or OOC-hatred. You know who you are.

As to Anna: I don't get involved with the popular master/slave/pet -thing. Anna is a creature made for sex and that only in casual context. No relationships or 'ownership' beyond momentary booking of her. She's always ready so befriend her or simply take use of her outright, as long as it's about normal sex or just casual RP otherwise. Grab her or approach her, don't try to charm her or get into a romantic relationship with her. Don't try to fingerbang her or insist on orifices she's refused before.

Anna is mostly here for ERP or just casual RP, not really interested in leveling her up and hunting for useless items. So don't ask her for component locations or crafting recipes.

If your character doesn't make an impression on Anna even though the character should be -the- sex-god of them all, well, tough.

Finally, I won't RP anything sexual that has to do with shemales/hermaphrodites/magical dicks, cannibalism, toilet stuff, animals/semi-animals, torture, unnecessary pain or brutality. Anna is also straight, but that doesn't close out stuff like having women in the same group scene.

IMPORTANT DON'T DOS (Really a shame I had to put these here, some people don't seem to get the hint):

IC (will react to these accordingly):

-Don't emote anything clitoral, she doesn't have one.

-Don't try to manipulate what she said.

-Don't try to save her or please her.

-Don't stick your fingers inside her.

OOC (will not tolerate these):

-Don't ask about the player's personal life in details. Don't pry.

-Don't mix the player & the character (me & you in emotes).

-Don't insist if you've been denied something.

-Don't be an OOC-asshole due to IC reasons.

Thank you for reading, if you really did. Now play with her. I will update as things come up.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf