Selene Illankoi Wetter

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Height: 4' 5''
Bodytype: Chubby
eyecolour: Purple
Haircolour: Naturally white, often dyed
Skin colour: light blue
race: eladrin with mixed blood
Breast size: c

This mischievous and cheerfull young elf woman is chubby.. Indeed. She has wider hips and larger breasts than what she should have for an elf since she seems to have a bad sweettooth. At least she often eats something not that healthy.

Despite her chubbyness she can spin fast if needed. She do not have dancer's slender figure but the way she moves her hips reveals that there is plenty of practise behind everything. Her hips sways teasingly when she walks with her heels.

Those who has sharp senses can easily smell her natural scent what is like salty seawind mixed with wild flowers. And her scent seems to be changing easily and becoming stronger if she finds someone attractive to her.

Known fact: She keeps the Dance Studio Illankoi in Ackalia. Feel free to knock the door or step in if the door is opened. Or send message to book a time.

About lights:

Whites: Friendship and short and long -term relationships what are developing!

Greens: all kind of rp, messing up with magic and rough play (her being active and teasing sub). Forcing and luring her into intimate situations. All genders, races and creativity. Risk of pregnancy, teasing and erotic dances, also vanilla.

Mysteries and mysterious persons are green as well.

Everything else what isn't listed to reds can be played through. Just rp your char.

yellow: very hard violence etc. (better ask in tells perhaps)

reds: breaking server rules, doing permanent changes without asking, killing without reason, changing her gender without permission.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf