Esmeralda Dharke

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First name: Esmeralda (Goes by Esme.)
Last name: Dharke
Race: Human
Height: 5'6'' \ 168CM
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Purple
Skin: A fair ivory white
Occupation: Diviner\Necromancer\Archmage

Notable traits: An ageless quality to her looks.
She speaks with a "Transylvanian" accent.


Often one to look down her nose at others around her, with a cold, serene gaze of judging her lessers, Esme is a woman of beauty unmatched by most.

Carrying herself with an air of arrogance as she walks, every movement accentuates every curve of her body, her full hips swaying from side to side with every step.
Despite her alluring gait, she does not dress particularly provocative, for Sinfar, at least. Though her clothes are often form-clinging, leaving little to the imagination. Even so, she seldom shows more skin than necessary, although she appears fond of low necklines that further elevates the presence of her large bosom.

When she speaks, it is with a profound calmness; that of an old tutor instructing a child, and with more than a little arrogance barely concealed behind her voice.
While she often keeps from raising her voice, when she does, her anger is often accompanied by the fierce words of a spell incantation, and perhaps a fireball, if not unlucky.

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