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Chartana is half-elf and half human. She stands 4'10" tall and her eyes are emerald green and her hair is light gloden
When her family was killed by Barbarians alone she escaped.  She seemed to wander forever searching for a home.  
Until she took a voyage by sea.  The ship was attacked by pirates and once again she found herself the sole survivor
of a bloody encounter. Adrift sea she was found floating and rescued by the man she would learn to call master.
Her life as his slave was very good and she came to love him and he seemed to care for her.  They did everything
together and she thought her life was perfect. One day he simply left and never returned.
Loving and faithful she waits for his return. But as weeks turn into years she begins to understand he will
never return to her.  She has taken up life as an adventurer and hopes to find him or perhaps what befell him.
She is not looking for a relationship, but if she should meet someone who catches her eye....who knows.

Red lights:      No women, bondage or rape, small minded people or toilet play

Yellow lights:   No one night stands. She is shy,(but do not underestimate her)

Green lights:    Exploring different places, having someone to talk to, erp only if there is a serious relationship
Player:Shadows Nights
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf