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Race: Full blood Tanar'ri, Greater Succubus
Sex: Hermaphrodite, and easily identified as such, yet still also incredibly feminine
Age: 500 years, appearance by humanoid years around 30 years
Eyes: Yellow fire, with a beautiful glittering golden topaz core
Height: 6'0" (+7" with stripper platform high heels.)
Hair: Raven-black, silken and soft
Breasts: DD-cup
Body: Lean and fit body, with feminine curves.
Wings: Large, 9 feet wide, majestic leathery wings. The limbs of the wings are made out of a beautifully designed layer-upon-layer of flakes of bone, patterned such that it resembles feathers.

This greater succubus would at first glance appear as the archetype of her kin. With crimson skin, curved horns and a sensual elegance that left both little and much to the imagination. The Seductress for many, and a beacon of beauty for for the rest. Confidence and arrogance radiates of her, deeply rooted in years, decades and centuries of refining her grace, style and mannerisms. She is a social creature, well versed with many parts of urban and social life, talented to the degree of a sociopath.

This crimson succubus certainly has nothing lacking in her looks; lean and sensual, seductive, alluring and beautiful, she carries herself with ease in proud elegance and perpetual grace, much like a majestic elven queen with brimming natural authority. From the top of her head comes two thick, proud crimson horn, curving up and back, reaching quite far back on her head, each horn easily being a handful for most larger creatures, each horn also curving in towards one another at the back. She is six feet tall, reaching six point seven feet when she wears her favorite high heeled platform boots (which is always). Mid center between her curving horns she's  commonly seen wearing  ponytail that stands up rather perkily.

Some times she can be found with a stern, cold and intense look on her face, the sheer determination behind her piercing gaze enough to unsteady almost anyone. This fact simply builds up under the amazingly stunning sight of Ayanah smiling in her most cheerful of ways, when stunning beauty and mirth mix together with an overwhelmingly intoxicating charismatic radiance. Even in spite of her obvious demonic origins, one could almost imagine her mere radiant smile being enough to disarm a foe. Eyes alight, with the strange quality of the mirth of youth shining forth, together with the visage of seductive beauty that she is. The insightful observer would perhaps be able to detect how the preferred ways of this succubus leads her to play upon emotions and feelings, more so than mere sexual lust. Said observer might very well be tempted into thinking there would be far more to this succubus than the delicious sight his or her eyes would be resting upon.

The body of the alluring succubus has a fit and lean sexy form, defined abs upon a slim waistline that is shaping down to her motherly wide hips, coupled together with a firm and strutting ass. Her slender waist keeps a natural sensual sway, empathizing her gorgeous tush even more. Every step with her swaying hips comes forth as sexy and elegant. Her breasts are of a delightful DD-cup size. She also sports a long, prehensile demonic tail, sticking out of whatever clothing she wears at the time, an almost 7' long tail from base to spaded tip. It can be seen wagging about at times, at convenient times revealing her mood, but mostly held still in a composed manner.

Ayanah is a creature of sensuality and seduction, and of this there is no doubt. Always she moves her body in delightful ways to appease the eyes of those watching her, subconsciously as well as consciously. Body-language is crucial for the demoness, as it should be for all those who lay claim to mastering the Art of Seduction. Awareness of her own body language, her eyes always scanning others, searching for clues and hints in others body language.

Her beautiful mane makes for a beautiful frame to her equally stunningly beautiful face, cut in a style of wild, natural and loose manner, the hair reaching down over her shoulders with ease. A pair of glistening lush lips and a chin-bone of elven resemblance, her strong and intense ruby red eyes radiate with wisdom and reflects a keen and sharp mind within. The color of her eyes makes a big contrast to the blackness of her always dangerously v-shape curved and smooth eyebrows.

Her skin is a delicate, delicious red. It feels soft to the touch, a tender and sensual side of her. Her body is very warm and radiates with a pleasant heat. Her scent is intoxicating, but not in an overly possessive manner, a kind of smell which lingers in your nostrils, making the impression and the memory of her allure linger in your mind. The pheromones that is carried in this scent bears the powerful agency of spreading lust and desire to her surroundings whenever she herself is aroused.

A shapechanger like most succubi, Ayanah is none the less quite vocal and honest about who she is, firmly refusing to shift into an appearance less threatening, less demonic. A hermaphrodite by nature, she has fully embraced this aspect of herself, and she carries no shame. Usually she can be found wandering around with a rather timid and little cock between her legs, except for when her mood strikes - then she will whip out the real meat. All of her sexes have piercings adorning them, some for pleasuring and some for ornamental purpose. In spite of her 'condition', she will still take great steps to keep herself nicely tucked back - and many years of practice has taught her how to do this without letting it affect her sensual posture or elegant gait.

If you want to start roleplaying with me, I advice you to do so by contacting my character in game first, before starting ooc banter. Too many times have I found the excitement of possible roleplay ruined before it begins. I certainly don't mind ooc banter and chat-ups, I really don't - they just make it harder for me to enjoy the game that I am here to enjoy.
PPS. Still TELL FRIENDLY though!

Red: People who ruin my immersion; Players who «expect» without making an effort; emotes that are basically re-writes of earlier emotes; fat bodytypes/too curvy/unfit feminine bodies; Intolerant players.

Yellow: Characters with incomplete or no descriptions at all; Halflings, short elves (or childlike characters); Humans; Women; Vanilla SRP; Vaginal intercourse; Catlings, Kitsunes.

Green: Strong, tall, macho and arrogant characters, who takes control and who do not mind fighting for what they want; Intelligent characters and players; Characters that offers a challenge; Players that are creative and enjoy being descriptive of the little things in roleplay; Dominating equals or stronger characters.

Favorites!: She's primarily a submissive; Performing oral and receiving anal, preferably in combination; Genital bondage; Bondage; Seduction; Orgasm-denial; Mindgames; Banter; Fit bodytypes. Shemale, herm or male fiends of almost any type - Beasts, hounds, minotaurs, animalistic creatures, greenskins; Dominants that know what they are doing; Watersports and filth; Underdog domination of strong, powerful characters

Full kink-list: https://www.f-list.net/c/ayanah
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human