A thin, taller-than-average demon with sun drenched brown skin and jet black hair invades your vicinity, bringing with him the usual scent of brimstone that accompanied his kind. He slinked about the place with a light foot, hardly making a sound at all which is unusual for somebody his size, but not particularly his weight. He had a thin physique yet athletic at least, and very toned and defined muscles. The demon's face was rugged, a thick, black beard covering the lower half and a jet black mane of curls and tressels falling down from his crown. A pair of sharpened, pointed obsidian horns twisted up passed the black mane, giving away his abyssmal heritage. The horns donned rings and gems, one particularly shimmered brightly, often drawing eyes to it.

He had narrowed, scrutinizing eyes that watched on keenly, taking note of everything around him and hardly ever resting still. The iris' resonated an orange tint, swirling like wild fires. He had slitted pupils of black pools with an endless depth.

Between the narrowed eyes sat a thick trunk of a nose that ran down into a bulky end, always twitching as he sniffed the air for scents. The lips beneath were thick and plush, hiding behind them a set of pearly white teeth and a long, forked tongue. His face was not particularly gaunt, though he did have prominent cheek bones.

He would usually be found in a smarter type of attire, though is known to dress in a more rough looking way. Favouriting materials like silk, gold,  furs and pelts of good quality, it is apparent enough that Andréz is of a wealthier category. Despite being a very skilled pugilist, for some reason Andréz carries a flintlock pistol on his belt, aswell as a pouch of ammunition beside it. Upon closer inspection, the pistol seems to be of dwarven work, a gleaming silver body and barrel with golden, intricate designs crafted into it. The pistol clearly hasn't seen much use, due to it's impeccable condition.

Booty, Drows, Celestials, Drow Booty, Celestial Booty.

Devils, Catfolk, and people who have their heads up their arses.
Player:An Oxy For The Morons
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human