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A large beast stands before you, 6 feet in length, with black unkempt fur and blood red eyes, easily recognized by those who know as a Worg.  This particular specimen is male in gender, and smells vaguely of blood.  It may appear unthreatening to others but is also distinctly prideful, as if most other beings are beneath his notice.  Towards females in particular, however, there is a particular gleam in his eyes.  The worg is capable of speech, speaking in a low, gravelly, growl-like voice, though only when it feels like it.

Occasionally, it may deign to take a more humanoid form.  This one is about the same size of his worg form, 7' tall in height standing up.  It wears simple armor and a flap that barely conceals his modesty.

Finally, Zaha Torte has recently shown the capacity for changing his size to allow him to... erhm... fit more victims.  He can go anywhere from the size of a dog to the size of a gigantic wolf.

All of his forms are highly muscular, a prime specimen of his species.

// Misc Info
Species: Worg
Sex: Male
Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Free-ranging
Reds:  Perma-Death, Gore, Vore, Mutilation, Excessive Pain, Scat, Urination, Anal play of any type, OOC drama, RPing with a blank bio
Yellows: Pregnancies
Greens: Almost everything else. I'm pretty open, all things considered! Though ask me if you think it is 'edgy'.

Addendum: Though it does not bar you from RPing with me, necessarily, I'd prefer you show good typing skills and avoid internet slang and/or abbreviations.  Show the English Language some love! <3
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Uknown