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The Physicals:

Race: Tanar'ri/Succubus.
Eyes: Emerald/Red/Changes.
Hair: Long, Silky Straight curled at the ends.
Hair Color: Changes/Auburn.
Height: Five Feet, Eleven Inches.
Sex: Changes per target/mood/hunger.

What is Ilena?

Ilena is a Tanar'ri that became a master of changing shapes. She's whatever she decides to be/whatever you may wish her to be to fulfill whatever twisted desire you may harbor at the time she sets her eyes upon you.

She may be a bear, if that's your thing.  She may be the most beautiful woman from your wildest dreams.  She may be that fat cock'd shemale stepping up behind you.

She's whatever you desire most.

Ilena is just what she appears to be, a succubus.  She does what a succubus does. She uses a unique, druidic method to siphon the sexual energy from the surrounding area, or from a sexual partner required to sustain her health & wellbeing.

Ilena is one of two identical twins, the other being Elena.

Red: 99% of all males, scat, vore, anal, werewolves, dragons/dragonkin, furries/characters with animal features, mushroom heads, jips, inverted emoting, and obnoxious webclient spam.

Yellow: Athletic females, bosoms smaller than a C.

Everything else is fine.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human