Cedric Angelf d'Eath

I'm really not interested in PvP. Cedric is a lawyer and diplomat, not a warrior. He isn't looking for that sort of trouble!
If you want someone to mediate a quarrel...he may just be your guy though.

Cedric is a bright young man in his mid-twenties. He is perhaps a little taller than a halfling and indeed might be mistaken for one, were it not for the catlike ears sprouting from the side of his head, or the digitigrade legs ending in neatly-clawed paws. While his legs and the tips of his ears sport soft white fur, the rest of his body appears relatively humanlike, covered in smooth and very pale skin. His ears are red and curious, while his head is crowned with an unruly mop of light greyish-green hair.

He is usually very smartly dressed, with a bowtie, overcoat and expensive top hat. A golden watch-chain is visible beneath his coat and he wears a signet ring on his left hand.



I'm here to RP! Adventure, conversation...maybe a little politicking even. I prefer to let the RP flow naturally without trying to force things, but I'm also happy to consider OOC suggestions, provided they make sense for the character.



I find it difficult to list lights as a lot depends on the other characters (and players) and how the RP has progressed, but in general:

Extreme sexual violence; filth and poor hygiene; contraventions of server rules (obviously); solo ERP with males or shemales

Abusive scenes; group ERP involving other males or shemales; shorter females; hermaphrodites; loving, long-term relationships (with the right character!)

Taller females

Although generally a kind and polite gentlemen, Cedric has a dark side: he likes to be used by dominants to breed their slave girls...

Since this comes up a lot, I will emphasise that Cedric PREFERS taller (i.e. elf or human sized) women with moderate chest measurements...but this is very much a guide rather than a rule! A character's appearance is often far less important to me than their personality and the nature of the RP.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Uknown