Duchess Tattiana Romanov

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Race: Werewolf (Cursed)

Gender: Shemale

Physical description:

    A confident striking woman. She is not a kid anymore, you can tell by her eyes, but the perfect body she sported said otherwise.
  She had a regal face, the type of classical beauty that often the fairy tales princesses had. Her eyes were piercing and confident, her lips thick and always a little wet. Her make up always spotless, her silky mane perfumed and thick. The only imperfection was a claw like-scar crossing her brow and nose.
 Her hips were generous and ample, together with her flat abs and her firm breast, gave her a perfect hourglass figure. Still, her body didn´t lack power, even under the fine silks she covered it with, the muscle was noticeable.
 She speaks with a marked Russian accent.

She is a duchess, though, from a country that just has been through a revolution and forced their depraved nobility to run or die in the guillotine.
 This humiliation has only turned her more wicked and vindictive. Now in a new country, her attention is divided between recovering the power that was her birthright and giving to her base instincts.

The curse: Making enemies from gypsies isn´t a good idea. After kidnapping some gypsy girls from a camp to play with, their mother cursed her to with lycanthropy. This only made her more depraved and prone to decadence.


Whites: Long-term rp, adding women to her harem, changing them to fit her tastes (light body modification), setting the rp beforehand, slaving nobles or other high standing people, powerplay, interesting ongoing plots transcending erp, humiliation, character development.

Greens: Slavery, breeding, collars, watersports, trying new things in general.

Yellows: Easy girls, pvp (I find it pointless).

Reds: Scat, server rules, no bios, most trickster type of characters and nonsense in general.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human