Brittany King

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Height: 5'
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Jade
Weight: 115! (Or... Maybe a few hairs over that... It's none of your business!)
Sex: Female

Occasionally emerging from the depths of the office she occupies where professional bureaucrats are stored, Brittany is a woman content in her career around Sinfar. Brit?s soft flesh possessing a pale countenance due to her penchant for only occasionally getting out, and naturally possessing a rather pale complexion; was relatively taut. Her sharp nose and round cheeks, dimpled constantly from the serene smile that plays constantly across her lips, beneath her bright jade eyes imparts her foreign parentage as much as the sharp drawl of her bright (If not occasionally squeaky) voice.

Her figure was quite matronly: With her thick hips and broad breasts. The taper from her knees and up her thigh thighs, one emblazoned with an intricately detailed dragon of writhing celtic knots that stretches across her leg, made her hips wonderfully heart shaped. Round, athletic cheeks bounce with each dexterous step; a bright red and gold celtic knot stretching over the tops of those cheeks. The swell of hips reduced as you get around her cheeks, her flat belly rode up to her plump breast. A hand filling DD cup sits pert upon her chest, frequently taking on a swollen and tight appearance as they engorge. Down her left arm a menagerie of animals interwoven with flowers and knotted vines are painted expertly across her skin; with a simple rolling binding of silver bands wrapping around her right, from which hangs a flowery ivy that drapes down to her right wrist.

Whites: Risk of Pregnancy, Dominant Partners, Dirty Partners, Dirty Locations, impregnation

Greens: Celestials, Ebony, Bestiality, Vanilla, Good RP, Size Difference, Pain, Degredation (Verbal and Physical), Clothed sex, incest, cuckolding, group sex, tattoos.

Yellow: Vomit, anal, watersports, body modification (Permanent)

Reds: God gaming, underaged characters, Death, Vore.

Note: Wow, thank you so much for reading this far!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human