(Please, if I don't answer you, send me a tell. Even if the wizz of the webclient always make my heart wanna flee from my body, at least, I will know that someone try to RP with me ! ^^)

The elf known as Rem as desapear ... But, for another one : A human. Is he the same as before ? Or just a new person too ?
Hard to tell .. But, there is something who looks like the Elf : his sparkling green eye.
He is now tall, for a human (but not as far as the giant we can encounter here), brown hairs, his body is obviously well trained and in perfect shape, no scars or anything like this.

White : ERP, titfuck, blowjob, setting scene who makes both players having fun, rough fuck.

Green : RP, Tells, vaginal, anal, slave/master, Maid/master, half dressed, naked, indoor/outdoor, threesome, friends with benefits, debt collecting ...

Yellow : Men/shemale/trap/herm (I mean, I can do it, but most of time in thresome ! ^^), people who don't enjoy the RP and not tell so, PVP.

Red : as always : rules, scat, vore, death, childs, animals, godmod (can be a yellow if it make us go somewhere we agreed on !), people who just come to grab my RP partners away, and players who jus log off in the middle of a RP without saying a word. (please guys, we're all here to have fun, so if yours is finished, or if you're not having fun, just send me a tell, and say it, before logging off. I can understand that !)

Oh, and, if you didn't read my greens light ... I am tell friendly ! (and if I don't answer you quickly, it means I'm afk, or too much into a RP ^^)

I'm a French speaking player, so I might make some mistakes in english, if it's a big one, don't be afraid to tell me.
Player:A New Player
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human