Felosia, The Undying Beauty

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Name: Felosia, The Undying Beauty
Age: Unknown
Race: Lich
Sex: Female

Those who've had the pleasure of seeing Felosia and living all agree on one fact; it was the cold that grabbed their attentions. Even if one hasn't touched the pale skin of this Lich Witch, their senses know before hand everything about Felosia is cold. Once your eyes scan to her properly, some are taken back at the darkness of her hair, as if it was a jealous creature that made it its mission to eat the light and destroy it forever. Those who look into her cold blue eyes see nothing but death, sometimes their own, and yet they still feel the need to tempt Fate and get to know this creature more.
Following down past her pale, blue, full lips that have trapped more souls then any spell before them, one will find a full chest, one that defies time and gravaty, and a hour-glass figure that can cast spells too subtle for most to realize that they've been cursed.

Felosia was once a witch in Darkmist, and for years studied in secret. When the townspeople started burning witches, Felosia fled, but didn't make it far. She fell into an old crypt, older than Darkmist and there came across a Lich's phylactery. The Lich was able to teach Felosia the secrets of his undead life and give her his powers over the death if she became his wife. Felosia accepted and studied the dark arts under her new husband. Once she finished her ritual, she created her own phylactery and then destroyed her husband's, breaking his soul from his plane and leaving his body a mindless creature of death. But she soon learned that her new existance came at a price. Her skin began to rot and her hair started to fall out. She learned that to keep herself young, she would need to seek out life and drain it from people, to uphold her looks she holds so dear now.

Red: Scat, Gore, Pissing, Anime Heads, and the like.
Yellow: None
Greens: All Genders (character perfers beautiful people), Bloodplay, Cumplay, Domination, BDSM.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human