Angelica Xenia Sinphemia

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Angelica Xenia Sinphemia

Height:  Five Feet Flat.
Hair Length:  Waist Length.
Hair Color:  Rich, Silken Crimson.
Complexion:  Soft, and smooth.  Moderately Tanned.
Wings:  Large, Demonic.  Leathery.  Spanning Twelve Feet.
Tail:  Three Feet.  Slender, Leathery.  Pointed Spade Tip.
Eyes:  Baby Blue. Brilliant Ruby Sparkles/Bright Golden Sparkles when angry.
Race:  Tiefling/Fey'ri, Mix of the Two.
Bust:  Nice, Juicy D.
Sex:  Shemale; Foot Long When Aroused.


Angelica possesses a head rather typical to any woman of her size.  Her face is heart shaped, and more vertically long, than it is from side to side.  Angelica's facial features range from sharp along areas such as her nose, and her ears;  to a combination of curvy, and sharp, such as the contours of her cheeks with the adjacent cheekbones.  The came could be said for her chin as well.  Angelica's forehead is tall, with most of her red bangs thrown back over her head, and off towards her right most of the time.  Her ears are slender, and pointed; much like the ears of her partially sun elven mother.  Angelica's lips are fat, and narrow; pillowing up just beneath the centerline of her nose.  Teeth are straight for the most part with some crooked along the bottom row in the front.  Angelica also possesses a pair of longer canines than what you would typically find on a sun elven woman.  These teeth are present in her upper mouth only.  The lower canines are typical.  Angelica's nose is angular, and sets her sparkling red eyes evenly apart from one another.  Her eyes are a bright, sparkling red; and have no defined pupils at all.  Angelica's hair is long, and runs down to the lower length of her back.  The crimson tresses, are never straightened at all; instead, they are usually left out to dry in the open air; never brushed. The part is just off towards the left side of the center of her scalp; leaving most of the bangs swept back over to the right side of her head most of the time.

[Neck Down/Torso]

Angelica holds tapered shoulders, and the muscular composition beneath the soft flesh is quite visible even when she is not flexing.  This muscle build rises up over the upper limits of her arms, and proceeds down her biceps.  This muscle also runs down her chest, and down her back as well.  This swell is most prominent at her wing roots; this mass gives her the upper body strength required to spread her wings to full extent with ease, and provides her the ability to fly.  Angelica's chest is adorned with a heavy, fat pair of busty masses.  These masses are juicy, and stand in their plump, perky glory complete with rosy capped nipple crowns.  Too heavy to perk up much without proper support; gravity does pull a sloping taper to the flesh towards the ground beneath her.  Beneath her bust lies the toned, but soft tummy.  This tummy conceals the muscle masses beneath for the most part, save for when purposefully flexed out.  When that happens the very well defined muscles show quite visibly.


Angelica has powerful arms.  Upper arms are defined by visibly defined, strong muscles.  These muscle masses bulge out even more so when she is fighting or exerting herself in any fashion that requires strength.  Her elbows are very well taken care of, and there are no dry patches on the backside of the joints either; instead, the flesh is smooth.  Coming down beyond the limits of her elbows are her forearms. These forearms are just as powerful, and muscular as that of the above biceps, and are equally proportional.  Like their previously described counterparts; they are very toned, and show far more muscle mass when Angelica exerts herself.  Lastly, are her hands.  Angelica's hands are equally powerful.  The woman's grip can be a death sentence in the right situation.  Well cared for, but still rather rough on the palms.  Angelica's fingers are tipped out with long, black talons that curve back in towards her palms midway down.  These talons are razor sharp, and there are notable scars on her palms from mishaps regarding these nails.

[Hips/Ass/Upper Legs]

Angelica's hips are just as equally powerful as the rest of her upper body, while still remaining delightfully curvy.  The flesh that conceals the muscle masses here is more taut, and more smooth than on most of the places on her upper body.  The only real instances were the actually strength of the muscle build here is noticeable; would be when she is using a significant measure of their strength.  Otherwise these wide hips are curvy, and smooth; sloping, and soft.  On the backside, there is a story much like the front.  Plump, juicy, curvy, and very well defined ass bubbles of rounded flesh decorate the junction of her upper and lower body.  Smooth joints at her hips with no flesh wrinkles noted.  Like her elbows, her knees are kept very well taken care of, and very few wrinkles exist here either.  Between her legs is not a pussy slit, but instead; a dick monster.  This cock is rather heavy, and most certainly lined with veins along the shafted segment.  The entire sides of the shaft are also lined with bumpy protrusions meant to add extra stimulation to whatever the beast may be stuffed inside of, and the tip is slightly flat upon the end, rather than a typical egg shape.  Under the hilted attachment of the cock shaft, are the moderately sized testicles.  These tank globes are encased in a leathery bag of sorts, and sit between those thighs completely hairless, as do all elven bodily features.

[Lower Legs/Feet]

Below the knees Angelica's body strays away from the typical elven body.  A second; digitigrade pair of knees bend backwards in a powerful support of her body.  The flesh here is equally smooth and tight over the underlying muscle masses.  These muscle masses appear far more prominent most of the time due to the nature of the bend to the legs.  Rather then typical humanoid feet, Angelica possesses hooves.  These hooves are shiny, and black; similar to the finish on her talons.


Angelica possesses a pair of powerful, leathery demonic wings that sprout from her back next to her shoulder blades.  These wings are reddish in color, and have no feathers to speak of.  These wings also typically remain tucked back up against her shoulders unless they are required for flight.  The hide that these wings hold is very tough, and requires an extremely sharp blade to pierce or cut through.  Because of this, she often uses these wings as a shield to deflect blows.

Angelica's tail is long, and appears to most of the time; have a mind of it's own.  This length is an extension of her spine, and comes tipped with a leathery spade.

Angelica also wears a shard of emerald around her neck on a mithril chain.  Other than this, she has no jewelry, and no piercings.  She also wears no makeup.  

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human