Elith Taur'ohtarie

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A Tall 6'2" muscular figure, his toned physique and effortless, smooth grace easily spied beneath his clothing and armour. The Half-Elf is exoticly featured, his mixed heritage mingling with slanted eyes and high cheek bones.
Former Captain of an Archer force within a pathfinder division now a mercenary, the hardened look of the archer is clear from the scar on his cheek passing beneath the eye patch covering one eye. His angular, sharp features surprisingly handsome and refined, though his piercings, eye patch and dark hair hide much of his features.
He moves with uncanny grace and elegance for one of his bulk, eye wary and watching, a hunter assessing prey or threats or dismissing as unimportant.
Dark of skin tone, his one eye a deep blue, captivating when he focuses his attention. He is dominant and protective of those he considers in need or in his care and has no issues with standing his ground when call upon. Though as a general rule he is silent and watchful of all around.

Seduction, RP, BDSM, Bondage, submissive females, long RPs, Eloquence and story based RP. Hunting, Shard Runs and adventure.
Anything not red or green, send a tell first.
Scat, Gore, Perma death or injury without consent and RP first. (This list may grow but I am not wanting too negative a tone to begin)
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Elf