Faeryl Aphyon d'Aron d'Baenath

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Faeryl Ma'for was born in a common family in the Dreadlands, a house-less girl with no nobility to her name. This, of course, meant she'd have to contend with becoming a servant, or becoming a woman of note to be taken into a House as a respected member. Growing up, Fae showed a great interest and dedication to the goddess Lolth, and at a young age began training and learning the path of a Cleric, hoping to someday join the ranks of a House's Blackguard.

Strength of will and physical dexterity were blessings Faeryl learned to use in her favor, fighting off the children of families who belonged to noteworthy Houses, who wanted to torment her because of her common origins. Few children ever managed to best her, and those that did often found themselves meeting with "accidents" that often left them with a permanent physical scar or deformity. None of the adults ever could bring forth solid evidence that the commoner was the cause of these "accidents", but she was often the first suspect in these situations.

As an adult, Faeryl roamed the Dreadlands, practicing her faith as a Cleric of Lolth, while still training to earn her own way into the path of the Blackguard and, eventually, into a House.

After a while, her hard work and devotion to the Spider Queen were fruitful. During her training on Monkey Island in the Isles of Dread, Faeryl happened upon Alydra d'Baenath, Odok Yathrin of House Baenath. The woman watched her for a short time and before leaving, proposed that a Blackguard with Faeryl's talents meet with the Matron of her House, as soon as her training was complete.

Several days later, after emptying an entire floor of the Crypts, Faeryl Ma'for discovered her training was complete, and with the favor of Lolth made her way back to the Underdark. However, instead of returning to the Commoner Temples, she made her way to the Baenath Tower. After leading Alydra and her sisters in a prayer to the Spider Queen, the Blackguard met with Balarra Baenath, the Matron of House Baenath.

After introductions and a short discussion, Faeryl was ceremoniously and officially accepted into the House as the leader of the Sargtlin and the House Guards. Granted the title of Aphyon D'aron, Faeryl d'Baenath finally climbed out of the wretched common class and began her life as a member of a Noble House.

Red Lights:
ERP of any kind.
Impregnation of any kind.
Permanent Death.

Yellow Lights:
Permanent results of capture (such as maiming or mutilation).
Player vs. Player.

Green Lights:
Pretty much everything else. If you aren't sure, ask first.
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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf