Darkly beautiful, venemously alluring, her body drips with a poisonous sensuality that threatens to snuff those who come close enough to drink of her attention. Yet, this story is on that all know too well. It is the definition of the Drow.  

She deviates from the usual unshakeable perfection of her kind. Her eyes are usually tired.There are small wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, and of her lips. Her face usually rests into a quiet, idle dismissal of the world around her. She seems tired, resigned, and ultimately, bored.


Dom/Sub play, BDSM, rough sex, teasing, humiliation, watersports, breathplay, bestiality, pain

Breeding, scat, slavery, feeding, torture, other bodily fluids

Inflation, prolapse, snuff

[Looking For]
- Submissives, often
- Dominant females, often
- Dominant shemales, herms, dickgirls, transgirls, or any other      "female, but with a penis" designations, sometimes
- Dominant males, rarely, and I am rather picky.

I am tell-friendly, and generally good natured. Feel free to contact me to set up some RP, or to tell me your dirty thoughts. I can be picky, and I will tell you if I no longer wish to play with you.  
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf