Lauraestavia Silvestia

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Lauraestavia of House Silvestia
aka The Sapphire Warrior
Race: Elf
Height: A little over five feet
Weight:  Maybe 100 pounds if that
Bust:  Very large for an elf 36DD
Hair color: A very eye catching blue

The beautiful elf before you appears like most elves in stories. A slim and toned body with delicate features that make her look nearly fragile.  One thing that does stand out are her overly large breasts.  They extend out from her body in a way that one would think should unbalance her, but she moves with such grace that they seem not to get in the way.

The other unique feature that catches ones eye is her dark blue hair.  Natural color, who can tell?  But one might not want to ask her as she has that haughty look about her as if she is a high born elf and expects others to know it.  Her gaze seems to pass over most people unless she thinks they are possibly a noble or someone of note, at which point she will acknowledge them, but seems to treat most others as if they are beneath her.

After having spent some time here in Sinfar (only because she is trapped here) she is now not quite as haughty as she once was.  She has taken it upon herself to help out around the city especially dealing with those nasty orcs and trolls just outside the city gates.

Reds: No scat or mutilation

Greens: Pretty much everything else.  The player really enjoys interacting with dwarves, orcs, drow, demons and monster type races that don't typically get along with elves.  Shady humans in bad parts of town are fun as well.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf