Waipin Ste'fer

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Race: Avariel
Name: Waipin Ste'fer
Sex: Female (With Special Tail)
Years: 120

Waipin is a high Avariel with black wings that have an intricately woven stream of azure-blue in the center most portion of either wing, also soft to touch. The Avariel's silvery eyes shining with warmth, it's very rare to see an Avariel with this variation of shade coloring and in their wings and eyes. She has a face that looks sweet at times looks very sensual. Her breasts pressed on her dress looks suggestive in her slim muscle figure. Moving with delicate grace and a cheerful grin. That slender waist created an hourglass effect even though she had a rather petite buttocks, which was alluring and round.

RP for Know more

DM RP, Voyeurist.

Yellow is relative.

Toilet play, Gore, Rape, Members or organs removal, Perma death, Permanent scars, Anal sex (She happy to Give), Dramas, PVP, Racism.

//tell friendly.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf