Najee is fair skinned with black hair and dark eyes. She is moderate in stature, slight and small breasted. more legs than torso, with good tone as one would expect from a girl that's walked long and far across the lands..

She is often friendly and outgoing, though at times can seem withdrawn or distant. Often she can be heard humming one of a number of  tunes some of which seem incomplete, while others appear to be songs of joyful worship.

Depending on the dress Najee is wearing at the time, it is likely that thoose who are observant will notice a woven silver chain around her neck. Attached to the chain is an ornate amulet of elven workmanship, which shows the image of a long haired Drow female, her long hair and nude body twined around a silver greatsword. The Drow appears to be happy and smiling.

Though Najee tries to be friendly and polite to all, her eyes tend to linger just a bit longer on humans, human men in particular.

OOC// Colors: Najee, while polite and proper is quite playful with more than a small dark side when it comes to intimacy. Her likes and dislikes will vary depending on the person she is with and the RP that has taken them there. This said, potty things, death, mutilation and other things long these lines will result in strong reactions of dislike.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf