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Aryii (pronounced Air-ee) seemed a little rough around the edges, eccentric and even moody although she always spoke politely if she spoke much at all. This didn't mean she was timid or shy though. She was just more inclined to boldly and voraciously observe all around her with those soft dove grey eyes of hers. Like any empathic creature though, she soaked up the nuances of her surroundings and often her moods reflected it.

She was slender of build almost elven but her general mannerisms are most definitely human in nature and more reflective of a small secluded village than a bustling city.  Small crowds interested her but she became much more animated when engaged in lively conversation with one or two others, maybe even three.

Her wild white blonde hair, likely the only thing that might draw attention was a tangle of braids evidence that she would rather focus on other things than on her physical appearance.  She did attempt to reign it in though with leather strips for practical reasons; hair caught in a shot arrow hurt!  

She wasn't much for impractical adornments and it showed.  No glitzy baubles, piercings or markings other than maybe that hair of hers would distinguish her from a crowd.

Her clothing was travel worn but well cared for as if she knew they were costly to replace and more than likely she cared little for the need to procure more. At her hip was a favored but well used dagger (if you see a revolver, I rp it as a dagger ^^) that in contrast obviously cost a fair coin. If one assumed from her less than rich appearance that it was given to her rather than purchased, they would be correct.

Also tied to her belt were a few tooled leather pouches that made a soft thud against her hip when she walked.  Walking was her chosen form of getting around, which she was much more inclined to do than running as she might miss something.

Stuck in her belt at the small of her back was a small narrow hand hewn piccolo. Although given that her frequent humming was discordantly flat in tone, clearly showing no musical ear, one might wonder what she did with it.  

Wedged in on either side of that piccolo stuck inside her belt as well was likely a collection of small woodland plants drooping from lack of water.  Wild lavender, vibrant pink wolfs bane, lemon yellow buttercups and crimson poppies dominated the haphazard bouquet.

Just above that 'collection' was a quiver, filled with beautifully crafted arrows.  There was a simple wooden bow slung over her shoulder which was carved inexpertly with a long list of names. (unless stored elsewhere)

This character was created for serious roleplay that also includes tumultuous and laugh laden relationship rp (hopefully!).

I'm hoping this character will evolve. She might literally go back to her roots possibly evolving into a wood spirit haunting a forest. At that point I would likely stop playing her.  Although that could just as easily change tomorrow. ^^

I enjoy ERP that's affectionate but more on the darker/rougher side. Oh yes, hold her down.. gag her... spank her even! and maybe she'll even do that right back! ^^ I prefer it evolving from RP possibly a committed relationship although not necessarily monogamous but not the 'one night fling and see you maybe next month' kind.

ERP Reds: Abuse of any kind, whips, ropes, permanent slavery, creatures with fur, intimacy with other females or she-males.

As a player, I see my character as like OOC suggests, a character on a stage and therefore really anything can happen to her.  She would be awkward as central to any plot though but doesnt every good story need deep complex friendships and even more complex lovers and at least one friendly antagonist to add some spice?
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf