Tia'TirAzhey bint Al Thiend ibn Alir

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Updated: April 5, 2020


*She's a slut
*She's not a slut
*Shadows bow to her
*She knows secret places around the lands
*She bows to the shadows
*Some call her the "Ice Queen"; she prefers "Esus Royalty"
*Usually seen at Wyrmtooth Island/Esus or Sinfar waterfront
*Deals in rare, hard to get artifacts, GEMS and religious icons
*found an artifact treasured by orcs
*She likes to fuck the monsters and then have tea with their grannies


@>--}----For those that want more detail----{--<@

This sensuous Half Tethyrian Half Elf is influenced by her desert life and gypsy culture; expect a bit wild, a bit mysterious and a lot of chaotic mix of playfulness and stoic seriousness flinging back what is flung at her.

Her softly accented voice reveals Zakharan/ Midani influences and a less than formal education; although in the school of life she's a scholar.

Her shimmery gold/violet eyes are rimmed in kohl. On closer look those smokey hooded windows to her mischievous mind reflect an insidious 'addiction' that she is desperately trying to kick.  Those in the know, would know it's not drugs.

When close to her, her very subtle fragrance of cinnamon and sandalwood might tease your desires.

Tiny crossed swords forming a 'V' adorn each elven ear tip.

The rampaging dragon like marking on her left bicep is rather curious, more so because it is not a tattoo.  Lately though the 2nd dragon has faded with only one dragon showing prominence. Odd!

Due to her many illogical superstitions most to her own detriment, gold, grey and black markings of different elven runes and wards adorn her skin; these can change daily.  


READ ON SO WE DONT WASTE EACH OTHER'S TIME.  I might adore you as a person irl but my game time is limited sadly.


Really dislike rape bait rp or anything related to it..such as repeat rescue missions. Expect Tia to likely yawn and consider the victim and perps as dolts.  Will rp out why though!

Will likely eventually ignore characters that say they like adventuring, and then rarely do.

      Primarily looking for:
dark, story driven rp that caters to continued plot growth and group rp.  Ideas that extend rp don't end rp. Adventuring while rping, DnD style events & shard runs

      Very Secondary to that:
The Player's REDS: being and being served chopped liver!
Tia, on the other hand, has an allergy to shemales, catlings, furries or femboys especially in her bed.  She sneezes!


Tia murhhs at being cherished roughly and roughly cherishes back. Being gypsy, she especially craves the non-conventional.  

Though she is feisty outside the bedroom which can sometimes show up playfully inside the bedroom, she does lean more towards a more subby role and likes it when a male shows what he wants. She is very experimental!  

It would be a challenge to reign Tia in as she tends towards many male lovers due to her carefree nature.

She is very skeptical to the point of mocking towards those that try to lure her with falsely sweet words.  She's not -that- girl. She's confident and doesn't need her ego stroked.  It's huge already..to a fault!  Maybe she just needs a playful spanking or maybe she is just waiting for a Mr. Oh So Right!


I don't shy away from PVP ^^ Hopefully the following would be acceptable though

Her nails are tipped in metal and enchanted (think monk gloves) which have been dipped in her own concoction of scorpion venom and other secret additives.  The piercing at her navel is made up of two small vials of cobra venom with another secret additive.  

Dice rolls reveal what they do if she manages to scratch you.  Feel free to rp a logical counter to the effects.

Dice rolls also determine 1 of 6 gypsy curses she might fling at you.  These can be Rp countered and maybe even cancelled out.

@>--}----LORE BACKGROUND-----{--<@


Am tell friendly but only for rp plot related chats!

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf