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Race: Incubus (Half blood)
Sinfar born and bred!
Sexuality: Aggressively Bi
Gender: Male - Strong Pretty and Femme
Switchy AF :
  - Total fucking cock junkie
  - Blushing subby lil slut
  - Overconfident Princely boi
  - Lovey dovey romantic!
  - Fiesty intense top!

A tall, cute and pretty athletic fiendish boi. Most often seen with his cock out, crammed in some needy sluts ass .. or happily on his knees in some seedy bar with a cock or two in his mouth. Face down whimpering on the floor with his eyes rolled back and a cock plowing the depths of his ass..  Or lazily leaning against a wall while some cute boi slobbers over his cock!

This princely slut was just totally dripping with confidence, bordering on arrogance with a smug lil smirk spread across his lips. Having absolutely no qualms about marching up to someone to get what he wants..

His stoopidly pretty face framed in a mess of silky black hair just begs to have his makeup ruined and smeared across it, Black mascara filled tears sliding down his cheeks and thick ropes of creamy cum drooling over his eyes, his nose his lips and dropping off of his chin!

His body was tall, soft and pretty decently muscled! Enough to show off his lean abs when he was showing off.. For his back to pop as he shuddered on some bloated dick.. For his forearms to be all veiny and muscled when he grabs a thick fistful of hair!

His cock was a pretty meaty, chunky seven inches at full mast. With a single powerful vein running along his topside to his precum drooling cockhead. Soft, smooth balls make for the perfect little blindfold while you eat his Thicc lil ass!

Shipped off to slut school as soon as his progenitors were able.. This lil slut, though young for fiendish years, certainly knew his way around a cock or five.. or indeed how to tame some needy sluts grinding up against his pants...

All that though, left him with some bratty little Daddy issues, a serious need to be worshipped and adored.. The yearning to be the best... and a particular penchant for the more "spooki looking femmeboi" sluts the isle has to offer...

Tell friendly for Booty Calls, or just to whisper some Sweet Filth into his ears :)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human