Freya Dancila

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Branded upon her skin, on top of the curve of her left breast was a brand: Official seal of Aglon city slave's registeration office that marked this woman, Freya as slave of Talon. Upon her left arm sat a design akin to a wolf's paw with elaborate letter forming the name "Talon"

Freya has been on pirate ships most of herlife, having been taken from her home as a child and raised aboard one ship or another. She was a slave to the whims of the pirates.

Recently during a hurricane,  the ship that she was on went down, the mast breaking and freeing her from her cell. She swam to shore while holding onto some dead wood.


Reds: Nothing against server rules. No perma Death, no hard gore.

Yellow and Green: Pretty much open to any thing that would not be considered off limits by DM's. Please if you think I may have a problem with it. Please send tell if you have any questions.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf