Adray Bratton

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Adray has dusky skin and a strong chiselled jaw that compliments his well-toned build, he wears a seemingly permanent five o'clock shadow and has an untamed hairstyle matching the got out of bed look to the extent it could only be deliberate.

On further inspection he clearly has a fondness for gear and seems just about prepared for any scenario, looking over him it'd be hard to find a part of his body he hadn't strapped some kind of container or equipment to, mundane or magical, sharp or blunt, thick or thin. chances are it was somewhere on his person.

He greets most things with open arms and a wide smile perhaps feeling secure by all the items he surrounds him with that he's not in any danger or just used to sinfar by now.


Adray has a magic bag on his person that produces a pertinent mundane item to the situation he's in if he can use it, i'd like to find a way to do this properly short of stuffing bags full of items in my inventory so gimme a tell if you have ideas.

Player is very tell friendly, gimme a pm whenever you feel like it :)

Red: poop, gore, vore, men, bad ends.

Yellow (ask first): herms/shemales, groups, rape, femboys.

Green (always a go) :leather, latex and a bunch more.

White (fav): women, bondage, domination, Anal, Oral, light-moderate painplay, abuse, humiliation, name-calling, watersports, slaveplay, petplay.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human